A Touch Of Evil

Meet Megan Meier, a regular 13 year old girl in America. I’ve read her story before back in 2006 but hadn’t heard the last part of it, so I present the whole case here for you.

Megan had problems with depression due to her weight, but was starting to overcome them and get on with her life. She’d joined the volleyball team at her school and had even begun to cut her friends down, getting rid of those she felt led her astray. For the first time in her life she was starting to be happy. She begged her mother to let her have a MySpace account and was finally allowed on the condition that her mother had the password and could keep an eye on the account. Six weeks later she would be dead.

Megan’s first new friend on MySpace was a boy called Josh Evans a 16 year old from a nearby city. Megan’s mother was concerned about this burgeoning relationship and even contacted the police in an attempt to find out if Josh was real. The police told her there was no way to find out. Mrs Meier was still concerned about the friendship due to the age difference but kept an eye on things and, seeing no inappropiate messages were being sent, allowed it to continue. They only talked about their days and their feelings about things that had occurred. Hopes, dreams and fears were shared and Megan was hoping to invite Josh to her 14th birthday party.

The last day of Megan’s life, Josh sent her a weird message claiming that he didn’t want to know her anymore because he’d heard she was nasty to her friends. Her mother consoled her and told her to just log off and ignore him. A while later she returned from taking Megan’s sister to the dentist and found Megan in the middle of an online warzone. Josh had forwarded Megan’s private messages to everyone on her friends list and she was in the middle of a storm of abuse from friends and Josh himself. Her mother told her off for disobeying her and for the language she was using, turned off the computer and sent Megan to her room. Twenty minutes later Mrs Meier went upstairs and found her daughter hanging in her closet. She was dead with tears still staining her cheeks.

MySpace deleted the Josh Evans account and all record of the incident was deleted with it, until the truth finally came to light a year after Megan’s suicide. One of the friends that Megan had broken up with was a girl called Sarah. They had been best friends but had started to drift apart so Megan had ended the friendship. It was at that point that Sarah’s mother, Lori Drew had created the Josh (incidentally Josh and Lori use the same typing pattern on a phone with predictive text) Evans account on MySpace so she could see what was being said about her daughter and play a prank on the person who dared not to want her child as a friend.

The Meier family had found this out a while after the funeral from someone who had been given access to the Josh Evans account. Lori, her daughter Sarah, one of Lori’s employees and a schoolfriend of Sarah’s had all been in on the prank. It was Sarah’s friend (who remains unnamed) that finally came forward and admitted the truth.

The Meier family reported all this to the police and were told to keep it to themselves while an investigation was performed. Despite Lori’s statement admitting what she did no charges could be brought about due to the nature of the harassment, and after being told this a year into the investigation the Meier family broke their silence in November last year.

One final piece of information. The Meier family were hiding a birthday present for Sarah Drew for her mother. Upon finding out that Lori Drew had been the one sending messages that caused their daughter to take her own life, the Meiers destroyed the present and dumped the pieces on the lawn of the Drew family. Lori Drew pressed criminal charges against the Meiers for that. This woman truly is evil.


32 thoughts on “A Touch Of Evil

  1. A story about vindictive harassment and betrayal.This is the danger of the 'witch hunt', you never know for sure who's pulling your strings. This story also exposes the lie that, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."I still believe that charges should be brought against school yard bullies who verbally abuse other kids. The damage that this does is for life and it can never be undone. :irked:

  2. No comment?I was gonna title this "Who Are You Talking To" but that kinda makes fun of the situation.Yep, I found the twist of this story a while back but personal matters here got in the way and stopped me from printing it. Now those matters are done with apart from the idiot who keeps perpetuating the madness. ;).It's a pretty sick story. This woman decided to fight her daughter's imaginary battles against an ex friend. She's never apologised, threatened her daughter's schoolfriend to keep things quiet and says she doesn't count herself responsible at all.More recently she's claimed that she never sent any of the messages herself. Tellingly it's only after her name, face and address got plastered all over the web.

  3. Terrible story :eyes:Unfortunately, this is what progress is bringing us as a negative consequence. And, those sad stories will teach someone to be more cautious while existing on a web – if you are not with both feet on a ground and if you don't know a lot about the way Internet is functioning, you are nothing but a prey. A prey for such lunatic, insane people who are feeding they sick minds with other people's weaknesses.This is all jungle…. 😦

  4. I've heard heaps of stories like these about MySpace. Sometimes they're more aimed to "MySpace" than to a the social networking site function itself. Never heard of Facebook though, maybe it's its popularity.Two weeks ago I met a Polish girl I've met on MySpace, she wanted to visit BA bla bla bla, we met and had a good time, went out, la la la and all that. She is now back home and I had a nice experience of being able to see someone from internet in real life.We're in danger all the time everywhere.Of course, the net favours these kinda stuff because of the anonymous factor (which we can see here)A really nice post :up: Such a shame people like that woman exist on earth. And it's very sad to hear the loss of a girl who had all her life ahead 😦

  5. Frightening stuff, I'm always kinda wondering if you guys and everyone else on MyOpera I know are real or not!! :eyes:I guess people think that of me as well, god knows I'm one crazzzzzzy LOON! :lol:Last night when chatting to someone online, I said "Kim and Mik" (not that I was saying anything bad haha!) :PAnd then it struck me! Mik is Kim backwards!!! Are you the same person??!?!?! Are you engaged with yourself???!?!? HOW BLOODY SAD WOULD THAT BE!!!Or is this just one crazy coincidence! LOL! :lol:We NEEEEEED TO KNOW! :cry:By the way, I ain't seen no pics of you and Kim together in a pic! THIS IS VERY SUSPICIOUS!!! :sherlock:

  6. We got accused of that on another site years ago. 😡 Didn't help that we were sharing a phone so had the same IP back then though.I'm not gonna go bending over backwards to prove anything to anyone though so you can believe what you wish. Either way you'll have no concrete proof you're not wrong unless you meet us in real life. :sst: Bring money and don't tell anyone where you're going.

  7. Originally written by Dannii:

    I had a nice experience of being able to see someone from internet in real life.

    Was it the first time? 😮

  8. I inspired him to grow his hair again. 😆 Apart from that, no resemblance apart from some sword training.The photo of us together is on her edited photos album. It's been cartoonised though.

  9. MONEY?!?!??! I'M NOT GIVING YOU MONEY, YOU UPTURNED TIT!!! :mad:Maybe a copy of Playgirl where I stuck my head on the models maybe, but NOT MONEY!!! :insane:I never saw that pic of you together on her sticky post, I'll presume you're conveniently lying! :PIf you are the same person, it will make me want to bend over 90 degrees and puke all over Dannii's new sheep hiking boots!! He SAVED UP so LONG for them as well! :yuck:Poor Dannii :(And I must say, there seems to be some sort of resemblance between you and Kim's DAD!!! IT'S SICKENING IS WHAT IT IS!!! 😡

  10. So you're his stylist!!! I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING OF THE GAY ABOUT YOU LAD! :lol:And ur a sword wielding maniac as well!! TIDY! :up: Got a collection of swords like Christy's brother in law? :confused:Those were cool! :knight:I'm not stupid Mik, I don't trust CARTOONS! :mad:Look at this for instance.. 😡Even I know that isn't real! And why has that cartoon woman got shaving cream all over her breasts?! :confused:

  11. Oh yeah… I remember reading a short paragraph about this in the paper a while ago. Didn't know about the twist, though :mad:.

  12. The bitch got off! 😡 The fucking bitch got away with it. Three charges of misuse of the internet adding up to a total of a year inside, which she'll probably never have to serve. :furious:

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