“Do They Think We Is All Tramps In Corby”

This is the town I live in. I promised long ago that I’d show you all why I hate it so much and that’s what this post is about. Please remember that neither Kim nor I come from this town, but we’ve been trapped here for five long years. Unfortunately I couldn’t get images of all the reasons I hate it, but I’ve taken a few photos from around the town centre. This is a small group of shops gathered into about a quarter mile square. It takes a maximum of five minutes to walk from any one part to another and this is where the town has the least of it’s problems. It’s also the part of the town I see the most often so you’ll see a little of what grinds me down every single day.

Exhibit A

This is what I see every time I walk into the town centre. Broken windows litter this town due to the people who go into the one pub in the town centre. Cracked and uneven paving stones mean that I twist my ankle at least once a week. The bottom right image shows a load of tarmac. That’s because the government gave the town council an emergency grant to sort out the pavements but the council didn’t bother using it for months so it was taken back as it was unneeded.

Exhibit B

In the top left of this image you can see where several trees were cut down because they were blocking the light into the church. You can also see that the church would get more light if they didn’t have such stupidly designed windows. I’m sure God would prefer some trees on this planet rather than one architect’s view of aesthetics.

The top right image shows a mural commissioned by the town council to show how happy people here are. As you can see some of the white people have been recoloured to make it seem like a multi-racial place. A petition had to be presented before that happened though and even then it’s so badly done that it’s blatant that they were all white to begin with.

The bottom left image shows the average rate of truancy in this town. I know this without a newspaper report as they don’t hide that they’re skipping school, instead they hang around town in their school uniforms. The security guards in town are meant to stop them but spend more time chatting up the schoolgirls, disgustingly enough. I guess that explains why 39.3% of the working age population has no GCSE equivalent qualifications. That’s makes this town officially the dumbest in the United Kingdom.

The bottom right image shows the results of all this truancy with a sign at a doctor’s surgery. It’s the largest surgery in this town but, as you can see, they still don’t know how to spell the word “prescription”. Not content with leaving a sign up that spells it incorrectly, some bright spark has noticed the error and corrected it by drawing the missing letter R into it. Unfortunately they put it in the wrong place so it now reads “presrciption”. And these are the people we trust with our health? Just in case you can’t quite see it on this image I’ve provided a link to a close up view.

Exhibit C

Meet the people of this town, or to be more precise, the councillor responsible for wasting the emergency government grant. She’s wearing a full tartan outfit, with a mini skirt and fishnet tights. She was sat behind us at a coffee shop hence the stealth photos and bad quality. She was complaining loudly to a guy about foreigners. As the coffee shop is italian I’m hoping they spat in her drink. It’s ironic. This town is full of Scottish people like her who came to England to find work. They are the most racist people I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter and are continually complaining about foreigners and telling them to go back to their own country, even going to the extreme of firebombing their homes. Don’t they see that they’re foreigners too?

The people here are the main problem. The kids throw bricks through windows of homes and shops and set fire to them for fun. They teens are out at the crappy little clubs (200 person capacity at most) getting drunk and fighting to the point that they stab each other. The parents don’t give a shit cause they’re too busy scamming the benefits agency and getting drunk and drugged themselves. One bad person can destroy the good work of a hundred, but in this town it’s the bad ones who have the majority.

Exhibit D

Last year they started a system here where littering was punishable by a £50 on the spot fine. No problem with that in principle, but when you add the fact that none of the town bins have ashtrays built in a problem starts. All of the bins have dented or cracked tops now thanks to people obeying the law and trying not to get fined. This is the worst example. It’s been like that for almost a week now and nothing’s been done about it. But what can you expect from a town that takes over twenty bins out of it’s tiny town centre on the same day that it starts fining people for littering?

Hope you enjoyed your tour. Now imagine living here.


86 thoughts on ““Do They Think We Is All Tramps In Corby”

  1. Sounds like a normal place to me. :left:.But then I'm from South Africa, that is a normal town here :rolleyes:.P.S: How many squatter camps do you have in the town?

  2. Three actually, if you're only counting camps not houses.That's Peacocks, a discount clothing store over here. According to the paper it was broken into overnight which is why two windows are boarded up. You'd think they'd break into an expensive one wouldn't you?It's beyond shitty Alla. I didn't have the room to go into the broken glass all around the suburbs making it impossible to have a pet.

  3. You guys read the links yet? The first one is full of people who've been subjected to this hellhole, as well as some that are proud of it.The state of the people here is why you don't see us posting about friends often. We don't want any here.

  4. From the outside, or just taking one aspect into consideration, it's hilarious to laugh at. Hell, once we're out I'll be laughing my head off. I may even get a t-shirt printed that says "If you can read this you're not from Corby". But faced with it everyday… It grinds you down bit by bit. That's why I'm so reserved on here.The worst thing is that so many of these people are proud that their town is this way. They treat it like their capital city.

  5. I was lucky to be born in one of the dirtiest places in Russia…where people are the meanest and local government are the greediest thefts ever known

  6. That's it Alla. I'd expect some of this from a city, but not all. This is just a small town, barely larger than a village.I take it Russia's pretty bad too then?

  7. Nice place Mik.. Remind me to show you this town sometime.. Its a good thing you're getting the hell out of that place.. Its totally fucked up.

  8. The link's fixed now – careless of me.I have some knowledge of IT infrastructure used by a couple of dozen UK councils – if it's only a year out of date that sounds about average.How did you end up in Corby in the first place?

  9. Can't get to that page Mart. I wouldn't hold much stock by it anyway. The council website still lists the refuse collection technique as the one from a year ago despite implementing two failed ones since then.Alla, we have none of that. Our neighbours are thieves and drunks. The streets are covered in broken glass and years of ground in chewing gum. And the people… Well, scroll up.Go for it Clint. We'll have a worst town competition. I could show you sights that'd put you off women for life.

  10. I'll be going out this weekend and show you the best place this town has to offer.. Its around the corner from me and a shithole if you ever saw one.. Its the reason why we sit in parked cars and get our stupid on.. Let the games begin.. And don't even get me started on the women.. 😮

  11. Clint, ya know how every town has a few forty year old women who're convinced that they can still dress in mini-skirts and tight cleavage showing tops when they really can't? Well here those women are 60, passed overweight when they were 30 and still dress that way. They even buy whatever size clothes they were when they were 20 so it's more horrific.Most of this lot don't wear knickers either. I'll be waiting in a queue at a food shop and suddenly the woman in front bends over and I can see her entire arse sticking out of the top of her jeans. The worst was when I was walking past a baguette shop and some girl in a belt bent over and showed the world outside her baguette.Luckily no kids with me at the time, but people do take their children shopping with them in general. And Kim's little sister lived here then and regularly came out with us. These people just don't care.

  12. Kim's dad married a woman here on the rebound (cause if he'd been sane he'd have seen she isn't…). When Kim moved in with me the doctors screwed her medication up causing an eventual breakdown and we moved here so she could be close to family while recovering.There's a chart on one of those links about yob culture. We moved from the second best town in this country to the worst. Not the smartest choice for someone trying to overcome social phobia as well.

  13. On the next installment I'm gonna put up a photo of the "nightclub" here and a photo of the one I used to run for a comparison. :devil:

  14. :eyes: When you leave can I live in your town please?LOL I'm sorry but well, you know the third world, I don't see anything wrong with it :rolleyes:I do understand about the bad people, but well, police here lets us kill them if they bother us :norris: Which means, bloody civil war going on in a little suburb that no one knows of.We don't have racism here since there is no significant black/other ethnicity but we do have a very strong classist discrimination. But well, social problems are way more complicated than ethnic discrimination, in my opinion.

  15. Yeah, but they can't spell that so they're racist, not that they can spell that either. 😆 Basically they hate everyone who has anything good in their lives.

  16. I wanted to start you all off slowly so I edited out most of the people. There's less teeth in this town than a Capetown girl's mouth.

  17. Bare in mind that Corby is the exception to the rule there. That kind of thing (although maybe not as bad) has become the norm here in South Africa. By the way, where are all the people in those photo's? I'll take a few photo's of Umzinto in the morning.

  18. So basically the place is shite with the people there loving their shite little lives over there but won't tolerate any other persons from climbing any sort of social ladder (that makes me doubt if there is one)

  19. Just be glad you guys aren't of those and endured it this long but would rather settle for better than hang around the place blaming whatnot for being in a shite place.. You are what you make of yourself and chavs you are not..

  20. …Looks not too hot…Even worse than my town…That's too bad. :(My fave thing HAS to be the mural, hands down!!! 😛

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