A Hypocrite In New York

And the award for Hypocrite Of The Century goes to Elliot Spitzer, the governor of New York.

Not long ago this guy was making headlines by condemning the new Grand Theft Auto game for it’s violence and the fact that you can have sex with prostitutes in it. “This is not the kind of image we wish to promote about our city.” he said, referencing the fact that the city in the game is loosely based upon New York.

This week that same morally upright guy has been arrested in connection to a prostitution ring. Federal investigators caught him via a wire tap on his phone, when he made a call arranging for his regular prostitute to travel from New York to Washington while he was on business.

Not something you’d expect from the man who uttered these words;

“We have learned that when self regulation fails, government must step in. We must do more to protect our children from excessive sex and violence in the media. Nothing in New York law stops a fourteen year old from buying a game like Grand Theft Auto which rewards a player for stealing cars and beating people up. Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute.”

Yeah, that’s nothing like New York eh, whore-monger? Maybe Rockstar Games will send him a fruit basket and a copy of GTA to make him feel better.


39 thoughts on “A Hypocrite In New York

  1. :lol::lol::lol:This was so obvious to happen.Shall we congratulate him for award? Hypocrite Of The Century! This is something!!!:lol:

  2. Shoutbox was being hijacked repeatedly so I took it down. Where's yours? :p.Be fair with the award. We're only 8 years into the century so he may get to pass it to someone else soon. But for now, it's him.He's got 48 hours to resign or he'll face impeachment. 😆 Stupidly his wife is staying beside him. :irked:

  3. I know man. Yeah, fucked up is pretty much the answer I expected. Still hoped for a miracle though, ya know. I wish I had something that'd make you feel better, but there's no words for a time like this.

  4. Maybe he does, but he ain't getting any from me. Brought it on himself and deserves what he gets. You on the other hand don't deserve to, and shouldn't feel like this.Yeah, life goes on. And you know you've got mine and Kim's support whenever you need it. 😀

  5. I'm gonna F*CK that twat! 😡 GTA a bad game? Sh*t yo! GTA is the sihzz and you knows it! :beard:MAN I HATE THAT DOG YO! 😡

  6. I saw a piece on CNN yesterday, where they had assembled clips from various talk show hosts making fun of this.Like: Client 9, and he's the gov.? Who the hell are the 8 guys before him? :p

  7. That would be against the law. We're not even allowed to call them prisoners, they're 'correctional clients' :whistle:.

  8. :lol::lol::lol: You've gotta be kidding me!  My cousin is a C.O. in Riverhead,NY – I've got to tell him that one!

  9. My Operamini front page automatically updated to google on the third. Two day's ago it went back to y.I'm not sure if that's the server monkey's or the gremlins to blame but since that google doesn't work properly with pdf format I use the one from my bookmarks anyway :lol:.Dennis, if you don't have a gmail account, try registering for one. That way you can set your google preferences and it should stay in english as long as you're logged in. (if you lose your cookies as Operamini is prone to do, you'll have to sign in again though.)

  10. An escaped convict in america. Isn't he all over the news? :eyes:.Not yet dude. I know they're stuck at something like 13 episodes due to the writers strike. 😡

  11. I only use Operamini3. Operamini4 doesn't work properly on my phone. Trust me, I lose cookies at least once a week. Sometimes the cookies vanish while I'm posting something and everything is lost. I then have to log in again and start over. I know my google password backward already. And I'm able to type my opera password and user name with my eyes closed. :left:

  12. My google search went to Norwegian without me quitting – search 1 : english, search 2 : norwegian. It's currently english again.I haven't used Mini 3 in ages. I think I'm too attached to using 2 and 8 to scroll the page.

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