Shopping With Furie

Okay, so imagine you run a shop with a booze section. Would you keep this…

…right next to this?

Only from the people who brought you Minimum Flakes.


37 thoughts on “Shopping With Furie

  1. 😆 ad campaign of first:: "Must Drink With Bended Wrist" …of second "For That Light In The Loafers Feeling"no offense** (go rainbow! :))

  2. Mmm. People can still talk to each other without talking to the owner of course, but when people are constantly just posting stupid crap to one another, despite it being made obvious to them that they're being annoying, it's a little too much. Got one particular post in mind but don't wanna have a repeat of past… Disagreements.

  3. Yeah, I like off topic, but there's that, and there's completely ignoring and disregarding the blog owner and filling their page with crap that's nothing to do with them.

  4. What she said. I'm up for a laugh as much as anyone, and I push the envelope on other's pages sometimes too much, but when people start leaving I'll stop.Can't edit comments, can't edit posts to make them private or friends only. The only thing left is blocking people if they can't control themselves. When there aren't enough soft tools, we gotta grab a hammer.

  5. It is getting stupid. I've had to unwatch quite a few of Mik's posts due to people just carrying on commenting with useless shit.

  6. I appreciate straight-foreward. please just say to me i am off-topic,, or go away. problem solved. 🙂 Several people here I have politely invited for friendship,, and for to visit my Blog. I understand for a long time I am a joke,, what of course this hurts,, but like my epilepsy and such… just to use humour day to day or every day it is depression. *much* apologies to all,, deeply,, for wrong-doings. I will think again about what did I do? to correct this.Mik,, sorry again,, I shall then stay from your Blog not to worry. You may block if desire to. All are still invited any time on mine,, no hard feelings :)~Leena

  7. Mik wrote (a lot of things and then):

    When there aren't enough soft tools, we gotta grab a hammer.

    I agree with you. Especially on the hammer part. :devil:

  8. Actually Leena it's only when you and Aidan are together and horny that's the problem. You both feed each other's crazy to above even my level. I don't mind jokes and off topic stuff, but when things go too far for me then it's not right for my page.I will apologise though for this. I did put a message on that post asking you both to stop. After double checking this morning it appears the server errors didn't allow it through, so I was under the impression you were both blatantly disregarding my wishes while neither of you even knew.I'm not going to block you. I've said my piece and I hope you'll both keep things a little more tame from now on please.

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