To Good Health!

A recent article on the BBC News site claims that in some ways alcohol decreases your risk of heart disease. For those that are too lazy to check the link (you know who you are) they do go on to say that it only helps some people, and that it only counts for alcohol in moderation. They recommend a glass of white wine once a day (and no more, so you can’t catch up on a missed day either) for a quick increase in your heart’s protection.

So I read that, and I thought to myself “Aren’t drunks called winos for a reason…” A little later I remembered a conversation I had several years ago about the healthy aspects of alcohol. It started in the usual guy way, with someone claiming that some beer is made from hops, yeast and barley and is therefore the healthiest thing they consume.

Anyway, we ended up having a quite serious discussion about types of drinkers, what they drink and how long they live. As we were all bartenders from different bars we felt the most qualified to figure it out. We came to the conclusion that people who drink fortified wines live a lot longer than anyone else in the world.

Think about it. We’ve all seen an old man drinking Port down the pub, and his even older wife drinking Sherry. Incidentally it’s only Port if it’s from Portugal and it’s only Sherry if it’s from Spain. Anything else is a generic fortified wine. Personally I used to love the Australian white served in Yates’ Wine Lodge in the UK. It’s excellent taken long over ice with a lemonade mixer and a twist of lime – the perfect summer drink.

Where was I? Oh yeah, notice how that old man and woman are the oldest in the pub? It’s their choice of drink, we reckoned. So hedge your bets and follow all the advice in this post and the article it links to.

Drink in moderation and only drink fortified wines.


27 thoughts on “To Good Health!

  1. Some research suggests that alcoholism is the result of a genetic predisposition. It would be interesting to compare notes on the two results.I recall a news item on tv many years ago where they discussed research that showed that red wine had natural ingredients that reduce the risk of heart disease. That research was inspired by the observation that Americans eating a healthy diet are more prone to heart disease than the French who are known for there rich, high cholestrol diet.

  2. My doc says a :beer: at lunch, and a :wine: at dinner will extend my life!:cheers: I've had so many of both, I'm gonna live forever!:yes::drunk: *trip* OOPS!:faint::rip:

  3. *rises from dead at the sound of Furies voice* :DAh, you'll be in the market for another primary care doctor, then.

  4. My doctor says no alcohol, no smoking and don't eat fast food. I was having a cigar and a glass of brandy after a KFC when I saw my doc get run over outside my house. 😦

  5. Some people are going to be permanently pickled from all the booze. We're going to have a generation that die younger than their parents at this rate.

  6. I actually saw this in the news and it peaked my interest with just the headline..By reading further it was clear where they were going with this and my conclusion was that alot of weekend drinkers will be toasting their mates telling them how much good this drinking was for them..Also its no secret that anything or almost anything can be considered good for you if taken in moderation as it is just commen sense that a binge drinker or eater is looking for trouble on one or another level..

  7. Funny how goverment sees this as a problem but does nothing to stop it.. They've removed ads for smoking so why not drinking? Where's the warning labels on the label that explains this? Sure the ads will say only for sale to over 18's but that's that..No little label that says drinking may lead to alcoholism, excessive stupidity or pregnant women may not drink due to fact of harmfull effects of alcohol to unborn children..

  8. It doesn't put you off.. It just shows what happens if you eat fast foods 24/7.. Actually very informative..I'm a lover of the fried and greasy myself..:chef:

  9. This country is turning into pigs. They are abolishing all desire for moderation and wanting exteme excess for everything. It also pisses me off that so many different junk foods are really cheap and have many varieties, whereas fresh, healthy things cost a fortune and variety is much more difficult to find. Alcohol is getting easier to purchase, people would rather drink 6 litres of a WKD imitation than have the odd glass of brandy, because they can chuff it all and it's cheaper. No wonder obesity is rising in the UK.

  10. @ Kim:So, you're saying that at 50 years old Mik(and his generation) will bear a striking resemblance to T.T.? :yikes:

  11. The idea is to stop kids taking it up in the first place. And no, it doesn't work. Anyone'd think adding danger to something makes kids want to do it more or something… 🙄

  12. Ever noticed that slapping warning labels on cigarettes hasn't stopped anyone smoking? It hasn't even reduced smoking as far as I can tell. :left:

  13. It's called 'reverse psychology'. We used to have a brand of cigarettes called 'Death' It became quite popular untill it was banned. No explanation was given as to why it was banned but my guess is it wasn't distributed by British American Tobaco, the company that distributes all legal brands of cigarettes in South Africa. :whistle:

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