My Family?

Okay, you know I’m mostly against internet families, yet somehow I’ve managed to gain two daughters since I got here. Obviously as one is in America and the other is Russia they haven’t met and are only kayfabe related to me and each other. Well, I just noticed something strange, but I’m not sure if it’s really there or not so I’ll leave it up to you guys.

Alla Cait

Is it my imagination, or is there some resemblance between my two fake daughters?

I’m thinking somewhere around the hairline and forehead, leading down to the nose and eyes. I’m even starting to see it on my photos now… What’s going on???


83 thoughts on “My Family?

  1. Not the best photos to see it in unfortunately. Maybe I should add mine up there and see if there's any resemblance between me and them? :devil:

  2. :DKim,why are you angry? Are you angry coz you had to go through the labour pain? Or you are angry coz you were married in the childhood?

  3. I was talking about child marriage since your children are as young as you are.:right:Btw I think I am really on drugs these days.:lol:

  4. Yeah, I know. Actually I was addicted to marijuana for a short while a while back. Luckily all other experiences either didn't affect me or gave me bad experiences.

  5. They harm themselves from the minute they use. *shakes head* it's hard to understand just how much would drive a person to use drugs… Even with my opinion of myself and the world around me I would not do that. I experimented as a teen, but nothing really bad.

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