Chloe Marshall VS Monica Grenfell


I’d like to start this post by passing on my congratulations to seventeen year old Chloe Marshall for reaching the finals of the Miss England contest. She’s the pretty girl over on the right (or directly above if your using certain phone browsers) for those that haven’t heard of her. Those that have will already know that she’s also the first UK size 16 woman to get into the finals of this contest. Finally the wave of girls that’re so skinny they may as well be boys is over, and curvy, real women are popular again.

At least, that’s what I thought when I first read about it. However, as I prepared this post I came across something disturbing. A newspaper columnist called Monica Grenfell is attacking this girl over her weight.What follows are a couple of choice selections from the linked article where she says some pretty vile things about this girl and accuses her of portraying an unhealthy image. .

It’s a total fallacy that young girls are being pressured into near-starving themselves into being too thin.

She is an ambassador not for the beautiful larger lady as she’d have us believe but a poster girl for diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, cancers and all the other devastating and potentially fatal health problems that are caused or exacerbated by obesity.

I hope she doesn’t win the Miss England title. It would send an appalling – and very dangerous – message to other young women that it’s okay to be fat.

How dare she? The dangerous thing is if anyone reading her column actually believes any of the crap she’s spouting.

Further investigation led me to a teen “health” site run by this Monica Grenfell (a certified nutricionist, no less, who blindly follows B.M.I – a flawed equation that states this guy is obese), where she promotes calory checking every meal. It starts off alright, but soon descends into gems like “The salad. Don’t think about whether you like it girls – eat it because it’s stylish and it’s going to flatten your stomach.” She also promotes a few things known to get in the way of weight loss, like having your main large meal late and going to bed early. Perhaps it’s her way of making more sales of the many self developed diet books and exercise tools that she handily sells on her site.

So yes, it’s obvious to me that there is pressure on young girls to starve themselves and be too thin. The problem Monica Grenfell has in finding it is that she’s one of the ones putting that pressure on them. People like that should be round up and shot in my opinion. So ignore her insults Chloe (and every other woman out there for that matter) and good luck in the contest. A lot of people with sense are behind you.

53 thoughts on “Chloe Marshall VS Monica Grenfell

  1. I've seen Chloe in one of russian tv shows. I think she's gonna be appreciated but won't win. Maybe she'll become a vice miss or something. But I'm pretty sure big changes are coming to modelling business and so-called "plus-size" models would flood catwalks soon. Which is good cause young girls would see that being gorgeous and cool doesn't mean being skinny 🙂

  2. Fashion is. unfortunately, followed by a stupidity. At the beginning of 20th century popular and handsome girls were with strong and massive hips and legs. Even during 70s, they still looked healthy. Today, if you take a closer look at a face of a model, you can recognize the pattern seen among starving people in Africa.My grandparents never cared too much what they ate – they were too poor in youth, the most important thing was to have a job and at least 2 proper meals per day. They all reached more than 80 years of age.Me, personally, like when girl have everything what she needs to have to look like a woman, healthy woman. So, :star::star::star::star::star: for Chloe Marshall.

  3. "At the beginning of 20th century popular and handsome girls were with stong and massive hips and legs"OH YEAH MAMMA! :drools:

  4. Seems that everyone wants skinny and people actually die over it.. Now to be curvy is bad? Wtf? Shot is a bit too good for those people.. We have our ways.. :devil:

  5. Skinny people look better in clothes!That's why they suit better for modelling. But we talk about beauty contest. And it's obvious for most of people that beautiful girl doesn't have to be skinny :right:

  6. I agree with Rose, too. That Monica woman is disgusting, all the things she says, the advice she gives… They should bring back hanging just for her. No wonder clinics are full of parents of kids who are starving themselves and bingeing only to throw up. Sooner people learn control, eating well and being happy with themselves, the better. But as long as women like her are around there will be no happy medium.

  7. It is ridiculous to call Chloe Marshall fat. And she may not win the competition, but I sure hope that she is an eye opener to some people, – so that it is not just the little sad gay men that creates fashion, who gets to decide what a woman is supposed to look like.Please note, I don't mind gay men, but those who made girls into skinny dress rails have really done something bad for women!

  8. I reckon some woman who's naturally skinny but in a position of power in the fashion or publishing industry started all this.

  9. Me too.. And society eats it up and thinks that's the way its supposed to be.. I know what I like and its certainly not that flat arsed Grenfell woman..

  10. The thing is, it changes for a short time, too. People are slated for being too thin, too. Why can't the world just accept that some people are skinny and some are voluptuous, and all other forms? Nobody should be told they're "wrong" for being who they are. Who the fuck gets to decide this? I spent my whole life being persecuted by my family because I'm not naturally tiny like they are. Even if I got uber skinny my frame would make me look completely malformed. I'm sure a lot of people in the media would love to see me sick as a size zero, though.

  11. If you're happy with the way you look then who am I to bring you down..Unfortunately some people get that little boost by criticising others on the way they look..I pity them for being so petty..

  12. Often they criticize because they have no courage to eat and exercise normally, rather than overdo everything. It's fine if they wanna make themselves miserable to be really skinny, but it's not my fucking fault they do that. Besides, I'm not happy with myself, but I'm not gonna show everyone that, am I? So, my hips are wide, like my shoulders. I'm sorry I've not starved myself into having an underdeveloped body. I've got large bones, an ass and chest. For me, I'd rather have these things than a permanent prepubescent body. *rant over*

  13. Grenfel is a nutritionist? She should know that larger sized people can be FITTER than thinner people. I'm thin but so unfit 😥

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