These Are The Children Of The Moral Majority

There are times when you just know that everything is right with the world. And then there are times when you realise everybody’s crazy as hell. Guess which one this is?

According to a recent report released to the public, in the twelve months covering 2006 to 2007, 95 children aged eight years old or younger have been admitted to Accident and Emergency… for alcohol problems. Just to put that in context, the figures show that 114 people under the age of 14 were put into hospital for alcohol related problems, yet only 19 of them were above 8 years old.

What the hell are these kids doing drinking so much that they end up in Casualty? What are they doing drinking at all? I can understand some teens doing this, but for a parent to let an eight year old child out of their sight long enough for them to get alcohol poisoning is unforgivable.

In related news, parents feel their children may be growing up too fast, childhood is effectively over at age 11, and that it’s all their fault for letting them act too adult.


13 thoughts on “These Are The Children Of The Moral Majority

  1. To be fair, at least some of them are probably accidents rather than conscious drinking. All it takes is ten minutes near a liquor cabinet. I knew someone who drank half a bottle of whisky by accident when he was three and got rushed to hospital – never touched alcohol again until he was at uni.Of course, whether they're accidents or not we've still got a big fucking drinking problem here in the UK.

  2. I think my first drinking experience was around 11 but it was just to see what the hype was about.. One can of lager (shared with a moron) later we were puking our guts out..

  3. When I was a kid, my late mom would allow me a sip of her whisky. (my late mom only drank on special occasions like new year or the death of a well known politician etc.) I was 17 before I had a full can of beer to myself. Needless to say, I Never aquired a taste for alcohol. It's against the law to supply children with alcohol. Isn't it time they started prosecuting negligent guardians?

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