An Early Roast

Told you we were having an early roast today. We outdid ourselves with the cooking and I have to say, my gravy, as always, was divine.


36 thoughts on “An Early Roast

  1. Yorkie puds are nummy. OT – WTFing F is Opera servers playing at? Is nightmare to get anywhere with speed! 😦

  2. Oh god! I've just seen the state of my page after the update. Looks like I'll be spending the next few days editing things. 😡

  3. There's a tub of chicken in the fridge, some yorkies in the freezer, stuffing mix and gravy in the cupboard. Have a sandwich.Carol, this was two parts beef gravy mixed with one part chicken gravy plus some of the stock from the chicken. It tastes gorgeous, and I've never made it too fatty like so many people do.

  4. Oh, yorkshire puddings are very similar to an american thing called a Popover apparently. They're derived from the Yorkshire pudding recipe.

  5. Is it my imagination or has everyone posted something about food just to get me hungry? :chef: I wanta pieca dat! :chef:

  6. Needs more gravy :chef:.I can't see anything obviously wrong with the page, by the way. Have you already fixed it?

  7. DAMMIT, MIK!!!!I JUST ate, and now I;m hungry, again…:cry::cry::cry:(AND I keep saying that my diet starts tomottow… :P)

  8. Mart, I put image codes in square brackets instead of using imgright= to save character space. That's one of the things made invalid by the new update and I've been doing it since November. I've changed the frontpage posts so far.

  9. There's way more gravy in the Yorkies than it looks. Plus I added more after the photo cause I wanted people to see what a real roast looks like without just seeing a brown blob.:chef:

  10. Only by a day. And the leftovers have been scoffed now. :awww: If you didn't treat this place like a hotel you wouldn't be hungry, young lady. 😡 *wags finger*

  11. Well you'll have to eat what I can scrape together. :mad:.*serves Rose's forehead to her, grilled and lightly sprinkled with cracked black pepper*

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