Update On The War

You all know I’ve been sending my robot army out to invade and conquer other countries, but you may wonder why you haven’t read anything about it in the news. Some of you probably think I’m making the whole thing up, fools that you are.

What you haven’t been told is that once a country is conquered I’m replacing the leader with a clone who works for me, and for once I thought I’d offer you guys some irrefutable proof. The story I’m linking you to is what happened in Cuba mere days after I conquered it and replaced Castro with one of my clones.

Just click on this link to find the proof that the world is coming under my control.


16 thoughts on “Update On The War

  1. If this is true then you have conquered Serbia among first countries you aimed. Our politicians are all clones… or acting like that…. :irked:

  2. Once you're fully integrated into Furtopia you'll find a new kind of mobile service becoming available. :up: You'll choose each of your services (calls, text, web) from different providers (from all round the world) based on what you need and pay accordingly.

  3. πŸ™„ I have acount with them :lol:We have 3 mobile operators by now and I think that`s it. We are too small country 😦

  4. Hmmm.. Rising petrol prices.. Load shedding restarting.. Idiots being empowered.. Getting screwed by mobile networks..No.. No can't say I've noticed any 'incidents' πŸ™„

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