Fallen Angel Caught On Tape

Before the Catholic church send a whole squad of nuns armed with their rulers of doom around to my house to beat me for heresy, I should point out that this post is about sixteen year old Angel Dailey, a resident of Ohio who has gotten her family into a lot of trouble.

Angel recently pawned her video recorder and, as usually happens in these cases, the owner of the shop checked the tape that was in it to make sure there was nothing personal on it. Seeing something was recorded on it, he was about to stop the tape and erase it when he realised what he was seeing. The tape showed Angel Dailey holding an 18 month old girl in her arms. The child obviously didn’t like it and was struggling against her captor. What happened next disgusted the pawn shop owner so much that he called the police and showed officers the video.

An 18 year old male (Melvin Blevins – the child’s uncle) comes into the shot and forces the struggling toddler to smoke weed from a pipe.

Officers raided the Dailey household for more tangible proof about the child endangerment charges and found over four million U.S. dollars hidden in the walls as well as over a ton of marijuana in a trailer behind the house. Now Angel’s father and uncle are set to go to prison for a very long time, Melvin Blevins is in federal custody on related charges and fallen Angel Dailey is in a juvenile detention centre facing charges of child endangerment and corrupting a minor with drugs.

Sometimes, just sometimes, justice will be done and the world becomes a better place.

You can read the story yourself and even see excerpts from the video at this news site and mobile users can watch the video right here.


20 thoughts on “Fallen Angel Caught On Tape

  1. They were in court last week apparently. Over here we've heard nothing of this case, or if we have it's been buried beyond the reach of my feeds and searches.

  2. Proving once again that crooks, no matter where they are, normally aren't the smartest people in the world. 🙄   The only potential downside to the whole story is that the little kid is now in foster care. But I can't see how it could have gotten any worse. 😦

  3. Well, there's the teens that decided to act out Mortal Kombat moves on the child they were babysitting and killed him.

  4. Have you seen on TV what happened here in Brazil? A little girl was killed and thrown through the window by her father and her mother-in-law. The police's still investigating the case. It's extremely sad. A father killing his own daughter 😦

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