To Kill The Immortal

I love video games, and whenever I buy a new one, part of the criteria for picking it is usually that I should get as many hours out of it as I’ve paid in pounds. I’ve had some good deals that way with some of my games lasting me well in excess of 100 hours in just one play through.

These games are usually RPGs like the Final Fantasy series. One of the ways they extend the play time is to fill the game with side quests (smaller missions that give rewards to help you out in the main story) and optional bosses. These bosses sometimes take more time to find than they do to fight, but most of the time you’ll find yourself in an epic battle with a creature far more powerful than the game’s final boss, and this was the case with the Immortal One, the ultimate optional boss in Lost Odyssey.

As you can see from the photograph, I finally managed to beat him. He wasn’t as tough as some ultimate bosses that I’ve fought in other games, but he was still tricky and took quite a bit of extra levelling up and ultimate weapon acquisition before I was ready to face him.

Sometimes you reach a moment like this in a game and it really feels like an achievement to be proud of, yet there’s no-one around to share it with, so I thought I’d share it, and other hard earned gaming achievements here on my page with you guys. Even if none of you actually care, it’s something I can look back on later in life, and probably wonder how I could tell what was going on with those graphics.


52 thoughts on “To Kill The Immortal

  1. Hardest boss I've ever defeated was the alien queen in Mario and Luigi : Partners in Time – took 2.5 hours. But maybe I was just crap.On the other hand, the Zelda bosses are usually pretty easy.

  2. Which one – the main boss or the one at the bottom of the Pit of Trials?HP is Hit Points. You'll also see MP for Magic Points, and lots of other abbreviations.

  3. In The Tomb Raider for mobile,when you get to the last shard,there's a big round pool,in the center of the pool there's a platform where the shard is kept and a fierce dragon is protecting it.That dragon was really a tough nut to crack.Boy!when I shot right in the middle of its eyes and it colapsed turning into a bridge to the platform,it was an :yes: moment for me.:D

  4. Worst I faced was Angra Mainyu in Final Fantasy X-2. He was a random encounter in the desert, that you can find at any point but luckily escape from.I thought I was ready for him and went hunting. Battle commenced. About an hour and a half later I was still fighting him so I checked his health with Scan or something like it. He'd been healing himself so well that I'd taken off just over 100 HP. πŸ˜₯ He wiped the floor with me shortly after.Next time I ran into him, I was only a level higher but creamed him easily in half an hour.Thanks Kiran. πŸ˜† Immortal or not, he was still just a giant fish.

  5. Main boss. She gets bored of extra dungeons quickly. Unfortunately I'm an addict for the extras. Hence my four month stint in Morrowind.

  6. The main boss in Paper Mario – Thousand Year Door was a PITA. Never managed to beat it. And reportedly the special boss in the same game at the bottom of the Pit of Trials made the main boss seem a doddle.

  7. Did ya use your flash on the tv? πŸ˜€ big no no..I can't remember the last time I finished a game.. Or rather a recent game..One day you can show your grandkids this post and they can roll their eyes at you and say, "grandpa hungryface! πŸ˜† stop showing us this tv crap!"

  8. the two hardest bosses for me were the final dragon in the secret of mana and the final boss in golden sun 2 (both these games are nintendo games and in my humble opinion two great games)

  9. Great!He also has a couple of Achille's heels, one of them being addicted to snus. I'm sure it can be tempered with so I'll keep the others to myself for the time being :D.

  10. Aha!Originally posted by Mik:

    Does he have any special powers I should watch out for?

    He does a really good job sucking up. Only upwards, though, so maybe you should try hitting him from below :up:.

  11. Sure, come along. We've got to get about eight people on our party and find the weapons put in this world just for us before we take on Rose's boss.

  12. Our quest has failed. The warriors disbanded and left me to face Rose's boss alone. I hadn't gained enough levels and he's still out there. :awww:

  13. People have gotta stop searching for "How To Kill The Immortal" and bringing me back here. I'll never gain enough XP to defeat Rose's boss at this rate. :knight:

  14. Ah, you've reached an experience level that means killing something insignificant doesn't give you any XP :awww:. Is there some herb you can take that'll make you invisible to random monsters? :p

  15. It's not too late… :devil:Only, the gold is long gone and the land… well… winter is coming so I don't know if it's a good deal anymore. :left:

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