How do you tell someone you love them? Do you say it with flowers? Do you buy them a diamond? Do you scream your love in ecstasy during the third hour of sex? Do you hire a pilot to write it in the sky? Maybe for you, it’s the little things. Breakfast in bed perhaps? Stroking their hair gently as they lay their head on your shoulder? Kissing them on the cheek as they sleep? Anyone can say what they think the right way is to tell someone that you’re crazy about them, but others will always have equally valid ideas, so how can you pick your own method?

Maybe Yanko Design is on to something with their belief that you should say it with coffee. Or tea. Or maybe a fizzy drink. It doesn’t really matter what you say it with (minds out of the gutter please) as long as it’s liquid (I said out of the gutter) and served in this mug.

Clever idea, isn’t it? No magical heat reactive chemicals. No microchips. Just a good, old fashioned simple design that will sell faster than hotcakes, especially in early February.

Next week I’ll be conducting an investigation into just what hotcakes are, and if they really sell as well as rumours would have it.


45 thoughts on “Love

  1. Love you baby. :love: Don't pull a sad face.No hotcakes for anyone. 😑 Just coffee.Triplets? Hmmm, Rose, Darko and Carol are reminding me of the Bee Gees. :insane:

  2. Carol, Rose, let start on 3:1, 2, 3: :sing:Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive.Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive.

  3. I'm singing! It's that helmet of hair covering your ears that makes you deaf. No wonder you keep hitting those high tones πŸ™„

  4. Well we ran out of coffee two years ago so you'll be drinking hot mud. Sugar ran out before the coffee so we've been using dandruff. There's plenty of milk to flavour it… Well, saliva anyway. And if it's extra frothy, we can top your cappucino with some special brown flakes from somewhere…

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