Riddle Me This…

It’s Monday morning, and it’s the most sadistic page on the web, so it’s time for some brain teasers.

1 – Seventeen birds are in a tree. A man fires a shotgun into the tree and kills nine birds, knocking them out of the tree. How many birds are still in the tree?

2 – A farmer combines two compost heaps with four others. How many compost heaps does he have now?

3 – An electric train is going south, while the wind is blowing towards the north east. Which way does the steam from the train blow?

4 – A basket holds six eggs. If six people take an egg each, without putting any back, why is there still one left in the basket?

5 – Which letter can’t be found in any alphabet?

6 – What can you fill a container with to make it weigh less than it does when it’s empty?

7 – Some people say there are five vowels – A, E, I, O and U. Others count Y as a vowel too. Name a word which contains all five or six in alphabetical order?

8 – A clock takes six seconds to chime six times at six o’clock. How many seconds does it take to chime eleven times at eleven o’clock?

9 – A man works in an office but is fired from his job. The next morning he shows up at the office early and ready for work, which they give him. How come?

10 – A dozen men know each other from school. They went to college together and even got the same jobs in the same firm. What job do all thirteen men have?

Hands up who hates me on this lovely Monday morning. That many huh? Well how about if I offer a prize?

Answers in my comments section please. The first person to get them all right or the person with the most correct answers gets to pick the subject of my morning post tomorrow. The available subjects are:-

  • An update on my quest to conquer the world
  • A first look at an alien visitor to our world
  • Another quote from the great Bill Hicks
  • The laziest machine ever invented

Please number your answers when you comment and put up your choice for tomorrow’s morning post in the comment.


88 thoughts on “Riddle Me This…

  1. 1. 8 birds still in the tree. (May-be zero because the 8 left flew away from the noise)2. 6 heaps. (May-be 10 if the other 4 were two heaps)3. No direction. :doh: 4. Because there were 7 eggs in the basket. 5. Scarlet Letter 😆 :D6. Hot air7. 8.9.10.

  2. 1. no one2.3. no steam4. one of them holds a basket5. mail letter :D6.7.8. errr… eleven, but there must be a catch9. got another job at another company I guess10. I thought dozen is 12 :left:

  3. 1. None. 2. Four. 3. It doesn't. 4. The last person took the basket along with the egg. 5. Post? 6. Balloon? I can't be bothered. I just got up.

  4. Number 10 is just a terrible joke :rolleyes:1) 02) 13) No steam (except off the passengers' :coffee: )4) The last person has the basket with the final egg in5) a physical letter, post, mail, whatever6) Helium (sure there's some other answer)7) Facetiously8) Seemingly eleven :left:9) Seen this one before, but can't get it right now.10) They're bakers

  5. Wrong Mickey! Wrong. I'm too intelligent to give them off to you. BUT, if I may choose what topic you should write about then I can give you the right answer! 😀 😎

  6. #8 looks like one of those "If it takes 3 men 3 hours to dig 3 holes, how long does it take 6 men to dig 6 holes" questions. But it's not. Do clocks even chime eleven?#9 He got rehired because he was the network administrator and nobody could logon :devil:

  7. I suppose the clock could only take ten seconds to chime eleven, but only if it took five seconds to chime six

  8. Oh, I like pop quizzes like these :D1) 02) 13) An electric train – no steam4) The last person takes the basket containing the egg.5) A written letter.6) Helium. Or laughter :D.7) Abstemiously8) Surely it's not eleven… 9) He got promoted. No wait… He wouldn't have to get up early then :left:.He's got a job in another office?10) A dozen is twelve.My vote for tomorrow's post is "The laziest machine ever invented" :yes:

  9. You guys are obviously enjoying the riddles. I'll give you a clue to the ones everyone's having trouble with.6 – you need to fill the container with something that lowers it's weight, perhaps by taking parts away.8 – start counting from the first chime.9 – the real question is, what office did he work in.:D

  10. By the way, my answer to number 5 when I first heard it was correct, but I had to restrain myself from saying French letter. :angel:

  11. Sure! You should see me when I'm on a diet! :left:Anyway – it would make a container much lighter. Now, did I win? :wizard:

  12. Hmmm, it's half eight, my time. About ten I'll post the answers and the scores.No Tilla, Alla, Clint or Dan yet, out of my regular commenters. Maybe they took one look at this post and clicked unsubscribe. 😆

  13. The Answers1 – none as the gun scared them away2 – he combined them all into one3 – an electric train gives no steam4 – the last person takes the basket with the last egg in5 – a letter you mail6 – to make a container weigh less you can fill it with holes7 – facetiously (bonus half point to Rose for coming up with "abstemiously")8 – twelve seconds. This one's kind of an unfair riddle in that to get the answer you start counting from the first chime so the next five take six seconds. Applying the same to eleven chimes gives you twelve seconds9 – he worked at an unemployment office, got sacked then went back to find work the next day10 – they were all bakers because there were thirteen of them but they counted themselves as a dozenScoresCarol – 2/10Darko – 4/10Mart – 9/10Kim – 6/10Kerst – 0/10Rose – 8/10Esther – 1 point for the always valid suggestion to feed meAadil – 1/10And the winner with an astounding 9/10 is Mart, who now gets to pick my post for tomorrow morning. A close second is Rose with 8/10 plus a half point bonus for teaching me a new word.:cheers:

  14. :doh: to number six. I'm surprised you didn't know abstemiously, though.You missed out 0/10 for Clint, Dan, Tilla and Alla :pOh, and I pick 'Alien'…unlesss it's about the alien cow :left:

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