Broken Heart Robot

As Mart won my riddle contest yesterday he got to pick what I post about today, and chose aliens.

On his home planet of Xerbix 319, the Broken Heart Robot was one of the rare robots built without a purpose. Saddened by this, he fled Xerbix 319 and travelled the galaxy to seek out his purpose.

Along the way, the Broken Heart Robot met many interesting characters on various planets, moons and asteroids, and eventually landed on a small planet known as Earth. Though he has yet to find his purpose, he may just find a few new friends to help him with his quest.

This is the story of the Broken Heart Robot – possibly the cutest robot in the entire universe.

This sweet little chap has a recommended retail price of $45 (£23, €29, R353) and comes in standard, clear and glow in the dark models.

I so want one.


23 thoughts on “Broken Heart Robot

  1. Ok he can stay on one condition. He has to get rid of all ve humans that have no purpose first :irked::lol:

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