No Means No

What follows is a scene from Family Guy. If you’re not into the show, bear with me. There is a point to this that will follow shortly. For now, just read and have a laugh.

Lois – Peter, my God, you look terrible. What happened?
Peter – I was raped.
Lois – What?
Peter – Dr Hartman violated me. He took my innocence.
Lois – Wh-what?
***Peter whispers in Lois’ ear***
Lois – Peter that’s a prostate exam. It’s an important part of a physical for a man your age.
***Peter runs off, sobbing***

On May 20th 2003, Brian Persaud was admitted to New York Presbytarian hospital after receiving a head injury from a falling beam of wood on a construction site he worked at. He received eight stitches and doctors at the hospital started to perform a rectal examination to help determine any spinal damage or internal injury. He asked them not to perform the examination as he was uncomfortable with it but they continued the exam, even calling in other staff to hold him down and, when he resisted (injuring one doctor in the process), he was given a sedative while the exam continued. He awoke hours later handcuffed to a hospital bed, with an oxygen tube in his throat and lubricant in his rectum. Mr Persaud believes the rectal examination was completed as a retaliation for him hitting out at a doctor in his panicked state.

On Monday, after a two week long court case, the hospital was cleared of any wrong doing in the case by a Supreme Court jury and Mr Persaud was awarded none of the damages he sued the hospital for.

Seems ridiculous doesn’t it? How can a man even hope to sue over something like that? Just another funny story to relate to people. I can’t help but wonder at how differently the case would have been treated if a woman was held down, sedated and had an intrusive examination performed on her against her will though.


25 thoughts on “No Means No

  1. I can't help giggling a bit, reading this, even though it's not a joke. Can you imagine the poor man being held down like that!? And wow… do they really use handcuffs at hospitals in America!:eyes:

  2. Ya gotta have security in hospitals, especially emergency rooms. But this guy was obviously distressed at the idea and there are tests that could have given more accurate results than a rectal exam, but still they went that route against his will. In a country where putting a finger in a woman's belly button counts as sexual assault because it's penetration it's ridiculous that he wasn't awarded any damages.

  3. I've seen the first three seasons of House and don't really remember anything similar apart from maybe the catheter that turned out to be on him.

  4. I thought if a patient refused medical treatment then the patients' wishes should be obeyed.. :confused: This is similar to a House episode.. Ok maybe not entirely but still..If I felt uncomfortable getting my spine checked via a rectal exam then I believe doctors shouldn't go ahead with it.. I mean really.. The hippocratic oath can only be taken so far.. :insane:

  5. After giving birth, my cousin's tail bone got twisted somehow. The only way to straighten it out was to grab it through the rectum/colon and twist it back :faint:.Maybe something similar happened with this guy. Well, except the birth thing of course.

  6. I've got a vague memory of that mate. Oh, you can directly upload into your posts now via Mini 4.1 if you didn't already know. They've fixed the problems at last.Rose, I think I speak for everyone in the world when I say :yikes:

  7. I know… The funny thing (yes, there actually was one), was that she didn't know what she was in for when she rode her bicycle (!) to the doctor's :lol:It was a long walk home for her afterwards…

  8. I haven't used mini 4.1 since trying to upload audio files to Mosh..Been a tad busy lately..I still believe that if a patient says don't do that then the bloody doctor should listen..No means no! 😥

  9. No means no. They finger raped that poor guy. Sometimes we need to give doctors a good kick in the gonads before they can understand the concept of "individual rights".

  10. Being fair, it's their right not to get kicked there. 😆 It's the jury I'm most mad at for saying it doesn't count as assault.

  11. Oh, you wanted a jury that valued a constitution that started with "We The Individuals…", instead of, "We The People…" (BORG), and then maybe Dr. Fist would show a man's virgin love hole some mercy, or do some hard time for professional buggery. Now that would be fair. But, when collectivism's in the air, and the buttocks is bare, we don't fair very well down there.

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