How lazy are you?

We’ve all had our moments. Times we’ve taken the day off work. Times we’ve slept in until midday. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who hasn’t been at that point where you don’t change the channel on the TV because the remote is just out of arm’s reach.

We’ve all had our lazy moments, but I doubt anyone is lazy enough to need this gadget.

This isn’t a hoax. Someone has actually designed a motorised ice cream cone. Just stick out your tongue and turn it on.

I can’t see it selling well though. After all, if you’re lazy enough to need this gadget then you’re obviously far too lazy to decide which flavour you want.


35 thoughts on “Laziness

  1. They do. It's like someone's designed a miniature dildo, couldn't market it so added a lollipop and sold to kids.

  2. The package says "Detachable and dishwasher safe cup" :yes::sst: It also says "Takes a licking. Keeps ice cream from dripping." :right:

  3. "No more manually rotating the cone!" <- That right there is what sold me. It's a bitch getting carpal tunnel with all the ice cream cone rotating… :whistle:

  4. 😆 (for real) @ the tiny tot dildo..It's like that oral b pulsar toothbrush. It's literally a mini vibrator. I cut one open just to confirm my suspicions. Its perfectly sized and shaped to pleasure some pre-teen brat without the embarrassment of having to enter a sex shop to buy it :yuck:

  5. :eyes:It's not lazy enough. It needs some kind of adjustable neck holster so you don't have to hold it yourself :left:.Also, :insane: @qlue's research

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