Bingo Was His Name-o

You can’t go wrong with the gift of bingo, let alone BIBLE BINGO!! You get all the necessary cards and pieces with colourful images of Jonah and his whale, children praying and beautiful rainbows!! You and yours will be singing it’s praise for many years to come!!

Okay, here’s a question: Do you really want a game advertised by someone that puts two exclamation marks at the end of every single sentence? Surely thats a sign of someone who’s not completely sane?

“Hi there!! I’m the sort of Christian that buys Christian versions of everything instead of the regular version!! I have a Jesus bobble head on my dashboard, buy Bible Bingo to play with my kids, read a preacher recommended verse from the bible every day and discuss it with my kids, get the local priest to sanctify my water before making coffee in the morning, listen to Christian rock and declare all other music as the devil’s work, regularly blame Dungeons & Dragons or video games for corrupting our children, and that’s my son climbing the clock tower with a high powered rifle!! I’m here to let the light of God into your life!!”

Yeah… I think I’ll stick with something a little more “degenerate” for my kids. At least they’ll grow up listening to some good albums.


17 thoughts on “Bingo Was His Name-o

  1. And don't forget, fellow Christians!! There's also the Love of God Fleshlight! And the Apostle-shaped Dildos, which fairly puslate with God's love!! And failing all that, just wait for someone with offended eyes to pluck them out so you can fuck their eyesockets!! But watch out for the guy making comments that always goes too far … !! πŸ˜‰

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