Child Charged With Grand Theft Auto

Latarian Milton, a young boy from Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, stole a car and took it on an eight minute joyride today. The seven year old swiped his grandmother’s keys while she wasn’t looking and went to “get in a high speed chase”, in his own words. Along the way he hit two parked cars, two moving cars and numerous signs and mailboxes before crashing into a ditch.

What the hell? Aged seven I could read perfectly, and ride my bike pretty well. I could even pull some mean tricks on a skateboard at that age, but I certainly couldn’t drive a car.

I’d just like to point out to all the idiots of the world that this happened the day before Grand Theft Auto 4 was released worldwide. It had nothing to do with the game. The child hasn’t played it because it isn’t out yet. Yes I know it’d make a great comparison, but twisting the space/time continuum simply to have a go at a game you’ve never played is ridiculous so stop before you begin.


15 thoughts on “Child Charged With Grand Theft Auto

  1. I'm pretty sure somebody will be able to prove it was all GTA's fault anyway :rolleyes:.That thing in Austria is so sick :bomb:.

  2. If only it were just the second time Kerst. It happens everywhere, everyday.Probably Rose. My money's on Hilary Clinton, who tried to get the Sims banned by saying it allows paedophiles to practice their fantasies. 🙄

  3. Well, it's guaranteed there'll be a "won't somebody think of the children" moment.I'm looking forward to this more than GTA IV. The first one was one of the best games I've ever played.

  4. It was awful on console Mart. Some great ideas, but awful port.The comedy clubs in GTA are out for me now as Ricky "You want me to do that dance from the Office don't you" Gervais is the performer. :down:

  5. At 7 I caused a boy a wound with 5 stitches on his hand :left: I don't think there was a game involved though :right: just my bike 🙄

  6. Actually… I put his hand on the gear, and rolled it :left: but hey… at least I didn't blame any of the games I played 😛

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