Toilet Humour

A family walks into a restaurant and asks for their reservation. The waiter directs them to a table in a corner, but there are no seats. Instead they’re seated on toilets set around their table. They look around and see that everyone else is seated on toilets too.
“I hear the food here goes right through you.” jokes the husband.

It sounds like a really bad joke, but in fact this family are at the Marton, a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan. And you thought you’d seen everything eh? Marton comes from “Matong” which means toilet in chinese and the restaurant certainly delivers on it’s name. Customers are seated on toilets. Food is served in miniature ceramic toilet bowls with a choice between the traditional eastern squat toilet bowls or the western variety. Starters come in miniature men’s urinals and noodles and rice tend to be served in tiny bathtubs.

Eric Wang, the creator of this restaurant, made his name selling ice cream to kids in a now patented plastic toilet container. Apparantly the chocolate flavour was most popular, disgustingly enough. The idea took off and now he owns a chain of toilet themed restaurants around Taiwan, of which Marton is the first.

Brilliantly the manager, Hung Lin-wen, has introduced a loyalty system has been introduced to allow repeat customers to save up points towards earning their own miniature toilet bowl to serve food in at home. I’m trying to find a way to order one on the web right now.

Back to our family from the beginning of this post and they’re having some problems at home after their trip to the Marton. Lets just say it’s not the ideal place to take a child who’s potty training…


16 thoughts on “Toilet Humour

  1. :eyes: are you posting this from the loo too, Mik? :sherlock::sst: and those people still have their pants on, apparently

  2. I think I'll never be able to look at a toilet the same way again.. :yuck: imagine the caption on the ice cream container.."new shit eating competition sets world record."

  3. Yeah.. And how do you justify going to the toilet again after eating… I dont even think your mind would cooperate?

  4. I think it sounds like a really fun place to go but… I don't think I could bring myself to eat anything, though.

  5. O.O nyc idea… a bathroom inspired restaurant! what's next? a garbage inspired fastfood chain? πŸ˜€

  6. They are in some of the chain. Not sure if they all are. It's on a loo roll holder on the wall in the middle of the table.

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