Only Online

It’s only online.

How often have you heard or read those words? I’ll bet there’s not a single person reading this that hasn’t had that either said or typed to them at some point. And it’s true to an extent. We shouldn’t let ourselves get upset by the idiots that infest the web, because it’s only online after all and they can’t hurt us.

But what about the flipside of the coin? Are my friends here any less real simply because we met online? I hope not. How many times have we let our little online victories be taken away from us by the same rationalisation? I’ve achieved quite a lot online that it would feel wrong to brag about because it’s “only online”. Respectable Technorati scores (although they should be one score :irked: not two) for this page. A placing in the top one percent on MOSH. My Widsets widget with over fifteen hundred users.

The point is, there’s precious little to celebrate in this world without us taking anything away from ourselves with excuses like “It’s only online.” If we achieve something, no matter how small it may seem, we should enjoy it. These small victories can change a bad week into a great one if we’d only stop pushing them away or inventing reasons why they don’t count. Of course, you may see things differently and who am I to tell you any differently with this post. After all, it’s only online.


39 thoughts on “Only Online

  1. What people tend to forget is, that even though it is "only online", there are real people behind the words and actions. And that means that people can be hurt from actions happening online.I appreciate my friends online. I have known people for more than 10 years that I have never seen in real life. And I appreciate them just as much as the ones I see face to face. Some of them even more…!So, cheers to being online! :hat:

  2. Yep, being online you find out there's more than one way to skin a cat. :whistle: Obviously I'm talking about making friends. šŸ˜€

  3. Might sound silly but I don't separate online from offline šŸ˜† Virtuality is a part of my reality and I tend to take it seriously…

  4. That's what I'm talking about. Kinda preaching to the choir with my friends though. We all seem to take online as seriously as offline.*sharpens knife and looks at Rose's forehead*But it's not just online that we screw ourselves out of achievements. We do something, we come up with an excuse as to why it was so "easy" or why it doesn't really count as an achievement. It's ridiculous, hence my tips on sustaining a believable ego.

  5. I use it's only online when people are afraid to comment logged in, and stuff like that. There's no reason for such cowardice. Online life IS my social life, my love, my haven. Some may call me sad or pathetic for this but here is somewhere I have people I love dearly, it is my creative and emotional outlet. The place I can truly be myself. I don't know what I'd do without it.

  6. This is just another way of communication, like telephone was in 1875. Everything else is just like Tilla and Kimmie mentioned above :D*stealing steak from Cois*

  7. :happy: I eat therefore I exist :yes:!Now I want a cute argentinian who would cheat on me on MySpace :happy:

  8. I can't comment much, Kimmie's already said what i had in mind, which i found after reading her comment. Which also makes me confused a little, did i really have anything to say here? Or was i just looking at the words typed by these online people who said… Aaarrgh! I don't know what i'm talking about! Gosh! :ko:

  9. My steak gets stolen?!?! šŸ˜” that I can't forgive! :bomb: watch my blog.. :devil: muhaha! :left: what? :right: its only online.. šŸ™„

  10. Seems to me people use 'it's only online' as an excuse for not caring or being an arse. Much the same way as people who drink excessively and behave like vile animals.

  11. Seems to me people use 'it's only online' as an excuse for not caring or being an arse. Much the same way as people who drink excessively and behave like vile animals.

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