Dead On The Web

Well, I’ve certainly done it this time. Worn out two phones (which cost a total of £390 including special offers which took money off) in a total of four months.

I’m going to have to send them both off to be serviced and fixed, which could take a week but could take months, so I’m not going to be here for a while. Apologies to my friends, my regular visitors, all those who read my page using feeds and widgets. Typically, just after submitting to have my page rated and I have to leave it for an undisclosed amount of time. Hopefully I’ll be back in action soon.

You guys can’t imagine how pissed off I am right now. The same problem has occured on both phones now, which stops me from fixing them myself. The reason this post is a little all over the place is that I’m thoroughly fed up and I’m posting from Kim’s phone while trying not to jinx that too. I’m going to try to have my phone swapped for a working model tomorrow, but don’t think I’ll be successful. Hope to be back with you all soon.


32 thoughts on “Dead On The Web

  1. I'm sort of here now using my original phone but it's slow and can't handle anywhere near as much as my last two. 😦

  2. :insane: .My phone's have lasted an average of four years apiece. Two of my four phones were stolen :left:

  3. If they are under… errr… garantied time, I don`t know what do you call it, you should ask for replacing with working models during a time you are waiting for them to be fixed. Or replaced.Wish you luck :up:

  4. It is still under guarantee, he's only had it a couple of months. Policy here is usually "the only thing we can do is send it to the manufacturer and they'll fix it for free" thereby wiping everything stored on your phone's memory. Mik's memory is inbuilt to the phone so he'll lose everything. Last night it wouldn't work at all, but it seems to be alright for now.

  5. Sorry to hear about the phones! I know what kind of old crappy phones I was offered while mine was repaired, and I suppose it's the same in the UK. :irked:

  6. :eyes: In four months?I use my 6630 almost 24/7 and it's 3 year old now,still no hassle.I read the user reviews on it,every reviews is like 'the best phone ever by nokia.' I hope you will get your phones fully repaired soon.I will miss you till then.

  7. Looks like I just overheated the processor. Gotta be more careful with things. Sending my old one back to get fixed again pretty soon so I'll have a backup.

  8. Mobile networks are run like the mafia. You buy it, you pay for it, it breaks, you're still paying for it. If it can't be fixed, you buy another phone, (with a new sim card) you pay for both phones, both sim cards and if applicable, both contracts. If you buy a phone direct or from a rival network, it doesn't work properly and the 'customer care' consultant recommends that you buy a new phone from thier agent. When you ask why the same phone that you paid R1000 for cost R3000 from them, they shrug and say, "I don't know, maybe because it works?"

  9. Unbranded phone's don't work correctly on South African mobile networks. They fiddle with the firmware so that they can use custom protocols. What's worse is, even if they problem pertains to signal or network, they refuse to enter into any discourse that might resolve the problem. They've even been known to toggle between different settings, APN's and such so as to disrupt your service if you are using an unbranded phone. This doesn't affect branded phones as thier custom firmware toggles automatically. (similar to the way a code hopping transmitter works with an electric gate.)

  10. Fuck's sake! No wonder you guys have so many problems over there. I've heard the american ones are pretty much the same system. It takes the piss. You want a decent phone but don't wanna get tied to a contract and ya screwed.

  11. It wasn't like this to start, But it looks like they're moving towards the american system. Personally, I think that Microsoft is involved as well but that's just a guess based on the fact that thier websites use flash and other stuff that only works correctly on IE.Strange thing is, Custom firmware on branded phones work with websites that only work with IE. :confused:

  12. I doubt it's MS – apart from Windows Mobile they don't seem to have much involvement in phones or their networks. Their sites aren't phone friendly, but that's just general site design. Most of their pages don't use plugins, and when they do it's Silverlight now, which isn't Opera-enabled yet.If they're copying the Yanks' way of doing networks, maybe they just signed some agreements with Verizon or one of the other big crippled networks.

  13. Vodafone has a 40% share in vodacom. And rumour has it that they intend to buy out mtn. CellC is partly owned by vodacom. And the other networks, oh sorry, there are no other networks. :left: ..BTW, I popped my cellphone's charging circuit the other day. So I'm considering buying a new phone. What do you think about the g-smart from gigabyte?

  14. Would ugly do for a description? :devil: Make sure you test it before you buy it. I've heard there's a few bugs in the software that affect even general users, particularly with the TV tuner.

  15. Thanks, I'll keep your comments in mind and maybe hold on a bit. I'm a little worried about battery life for that phone. the reviews suggest a mere three hours talk time :insane: and having seen the battery That sounds a lot more plausible than the two to three days the salesman claims. :whistle:

  16. Two to three days is standby time. That's how long it'll last between charges without using it. Three hours talk sounds about right for that amount of standby. Manufacturers always do enhanced batteries though, but they usually cost about half the price of the phone itself.

  17. The salesman claims six to seven days standby time :left: .I guess he just doesn't know how to use it enough. 😆 .He's using the same model for his personal phone. My own rubbish phone gives me between five and eight hours depending on how bad the network signal is. Have I mentioned that I live in the sticks? (about forty five minutes drive from the nearest city.)

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