Victoria Modise of Diepkloof Zone, Soweta has had a run of bad luck recently. Last year she lost her identification documents and applied for new ones but was told she couldn’t get a replacement. When the 37 year old South African asked why she couldn’t get a new I.D. she was told that her fingerprints need to be on file first.

Now that’s all fine and dandy and helps with security and everything, but you’d think an exception could be made for a woman who has no bloody arms!

Bureaucracy at its finest, ladies and gentlemen…


20 thoughts on “Fingerprints

  1. :ko: that's South Africa for ya.. :left: there was some racist cartoons a couple of years ago where someone mentioned that a print has to be made of the nose.. :left: *takes Miks' nose print..**a few times for good measure*

  2. Home affairs horror stories are a daily appearance in our newspapers. How's about been told that you've been dead for thirty years (when you're only 28) or been told that you were only born fifteen years ago so you don't qualify for a pension even though you oldest child is 54.I'll buy a paper and post some of the most ridiculous stories. One woman was issued with an id book that says she was born in england. she has never been out of South Africa in her life and she can only speak isi-zulu and a bit of afrikaans. She can't even speak english. Because of the country of birth printed in her id book, she can't access a social pension. 🙄

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