It had to happen eventually. Residents of the Greek island of Lesbos (yeah I thought it was a joke name too) have decided to take the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union to court in an attempt to ban them from using the word “Lesbian”. Apparantly the residents are also suing for damages based on the psychological turmoil they’ve undergone since the gay community “unlawfully seized their country’s name” and are insisting that only residents of Lesbos (no matter their sexual orientation) have the right to be called Lesbians.

I think this is a wonderful idea. As a matter of fact, I’ve decided to sue the gay community for the word “Gay” back. Ever since being happy also meant having to sleep with men I’ve been forcing myself to be miserable just to retain my chosen sexuality. The emotional torment that has put me through is huge and I demand damages and the word “Gay” to be returned to it’s original context. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m being ridiculous and wouldn’t win a case like that even in American courts, but it’s pretty much the same case as the Lesbians.


27 thoughts on “Lesbians

  1. Damn, there's meant to be a link to the news story in there. I must've posted the backup copy. Editing now.

  2. My school didn't go further than Wolverhampton in Geography. And British history was the only stuff they bothered teaching.:(

  3. Well, as far as I was taught in school 🙄 that exact island Lesbos was a pretty gay :left: place back in the acient days…:coffee:

  4. 😆 Great post!You know… when I was little I thought lesbians came from the island Lesbos :o.

  5. When I was young I didn't know what they were. Of course, back then, being told you had a girlfriend was a major insult to be defended to the death.:rolleyes:

  6. :lol:Ala, we were also forced to know alot about world history with special attention to October revolution in Russia 😉

  7. Bear in mind I've only met three truly Scottish people in my life and all three have gotten so drunk they've pissed themselves on the floor of my house/workplace, it makes an impression. At that particular time (two entire years ago) I was also living in a town which was so proud of it's faded Scottish heritage that almost everyone in the town became a proud caricature of the worst possible parts of the Scottish stereotype, taking things to new heights of depravity in their attempts to be real men by drinking enough that setting fire to a 90 year old woman's house was a family activity for some of them. So yeah, not a fan of them to be honest.

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