The Birds

A few days ago there was a strange bird at the kitchen window. Creepy little thing it was, fluttering around, trying desperately to get in at us. It was like something out of a Hitchcock film. Really creepy, especially when it flew round the side of house to the kitchen door and tried to get in there too.

Isolated incident surely yeah? That’s what I thought too, until I read this news story about flocks of birds attacking livestock. It’s not just the occasional lamb either, but full grown sheep and cows are being attacked and left in such a state that the people who find them are left in a state of mental anguish. These birds, which normally feed on carrion and small mammals, are now attacking sheep? How long til we’re on the menu? If anyone wants me, I’ll be boarding up the windows with Tippi Hedren.


24 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. Did you know, Alfred Hitchcock's famous book (and subsequent film) was based on an actuall incident? :insane:

  2. So you entered the dimension where the Hollywood movies are a reality? :DBefore gunning down the poor ravens,plz read the articles 1 and 2 on the movie 'Jaws'.We are humans,the species around us should be more afraid of us than we are afraid of them.I mean we are the ones who have led so many species on this planet to the verge of extinction.We have more weapons and tools than any other species on this planet.Next time when the bird enters your room pick up a tennis racket and hit the bird as if it's a tennis ball.:D

  3. don't be alarmed mik, it is mating season. some birds just like people are not too bright. i'll bet it was the reflection it was attacking rather than trying to gain entry. you know how aggressive males can be when they want something, they "smell" something, but they don't know how to get at it — then, there is in front of them another trying to get the "same thing." the evil inside of me . . . deborah.

  4. That's why killing the 200 pigeons in Liberty City is way more satisfying than collecting hidden packages.:yes:

  5. Yeah. First one I saw was in a tree I was passing. They've got a red glow around them. I tried shooting it and got told there's 199 flying rats left in LC.I always thought hidden packages should have a storyline to them so they worked better. First one you find could be a mission target, then every ten or so you find gives you a cutscene, phonecall or mission unlocked that progresses that storyline.The San Andreas grafitti spots worked better because of the mission explaining their significance and the way they were tied to the setting.

  6. They still haven't added a mad scientist with a weather machine to turn off storms during police chases. 😦

  7. Any Wanted Posters or your face appearing on the news yet? Vigilante pedestrians after a published reward?

  8. No, but there's a reason for that. According to the radio and internet, my crimes keep being blamed on terrorists. πŸ˜†

  9. Sorry, I just realised that it was one of my spybots that malfunctioned. It seems that seeing Mik naked fried a few of it's circuits. :whistle:

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