Granny Fanny

Poor woman. Not only is she cursed with an awful name (Fanny Batter) but the 59 year old Grandmother wasn’t allowed to open a bank account when staff refused to believe that it is her actual name and not a joke. Despite showing many forms of identification including her social security card and passport, staff at the Third Agricultural bank in Miami refused to believe her and treated her as if she were a criminal.

She’s suing the bank for a million dollars in compensation, which I hope she gets. I also hope she sues her parents, because that name has got to count as child cruelty.


34 thoughts on “Granny Fanny

  1. *Clicks at link to see explanation of the name…*…For crying out loud what were those parents thinking! :yikes:

  2. OMG!!! Just went to the link. "my purple headed love warriour in" by by crypt keeper. and #10 "Fanny Batter was a women's name. She appeared on one of those TV Shows with odd stuff etc.<FannyBatter> Woooooeee, this internet thing sure ain't friendly to mehhh!by Bastardized Bottomburp"

  3. I know the origins, but you'd think with a name like Batter her parents would have named her something different. Either that or she'd never have thought of marrying some guy with Batter as a surname.:lol:

  4. I have a aunt Fanny that now lives in the UK.. I wonder what her surname is now that she remarried.. :left:

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