I Think I’ll Grow A Beard…

I caught the trailer to the Tim Burton film about Sweeny Todd a few days ago. As it stars Johnny Depp, and those two are kind of a magic combination, I decided to do some reading up on it.

That’s when I found this pretty cool little piece. It’s a replica of a straight razor used in the film and is part of a very limited five hundred piece run, with each retailing for $119.99 (£61, €76, R942).

That much for a film replica? I’ve seen replica swords that cost less than that. Rather cheekily the creators are marketing this with the blurb “Own a piece of the film” for a replica of a prop instead of the prop itself.

I wonder if there are any replica beards to shave off with it?


20 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Grow A Beard…

  1. New ways to make money eh.. This means alot of replicas can be made beforehand and sold.. It won't be limited anymore no?

  2. No Cois,they've been doing that for ages,here! Mostly commemorative items, but they make 500 or 1000 and charge an outrageous price for the piece.

  3. Its all legal ya git.. :p just ticks me off when it goes black and white and the screener message runs past..These dvds can't be sold but a pal has loads of stuff he just gives away.. This way I sometimes watch stuff before they're shown at cinemas.. Unfortunately its less than perfect quality..Was tempted to sell at first but figured to rather keep it..Also have a pal in town here that runs a dvd shop.. He buys in triplicate so when he's out of shelving space it gets put in the back.. :devil: that's when I come in.. Unfortunately its only the older stock and I need to wait till it gets put back there..Can't complain as its free.. 😀

  4. They're not like that here. Just the film as normal, but with a counter running at the bottom of the screen. Some rental shops get sent them so the staff can watch and recommend to the customers. Luckily I'm always on mega friendly terms with our local rental place.:angel:

  5. Again we're unlucky that way.. Or maybe its just this guy.. Usually I'm just happy that I can watch the movie than rent it and find I wasted a few bucks..if its good I look for the the better quality one to add to my collection and then I just pass the screener along..

  6. 🙄 What is funny about this? I remember it too. And a lot of movies I`ve seen in VHS for a first time.

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