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That’s when we discovered that Josh had a whole world of friends we’d overlooked. They were just inside that box, hiding behind that fish. Turns out, he played poker with guys from all over the world. He also played medieval music with a girl named Harpichord from Colby, Kansas. He enjoyed arguing about television shows in online forums under the name “WhoJackie”. Friday nights, he had dinner with a friend he met online from India. And every weekend he played war gamer with a guy named Sharpshooter.

So starts a wonderful sequence in season two of My Name Is Earl. In the episode, Earl found out that someone on his list is dead and tries to throw a funeral for him but the guy has no friends so it fails miserably. Later while clearing up, Earl moves the mouse on the computer making the screensaver of a fish go away and dozens of instant messages start popping up on screen. The funeral is back on for a second attempt, this time a living funeral with eulogies from his real friends, some of them still online.

Man, Josh could make me LOL. I’d always be ROTFLMAO. And he was there when you needed him. He’d never give you a BRB, or an AFK.

He always sent the best forwards. And when you sent him a chain letter, you knew he’d pass it on. Excuse me. Hello, this is technical support. How can I help you today? My name is Mary Smith.

He was the best damn war gamer I ever played with. He was always a medic, cause he liked to heal people. If only he could have healed himself.

It got me thinking: what happens when we die. No I’m not getting philosophical or theological with this subject. I just mean, how would my online friends get to know? I assume Kim would come on and let everyone know eventually, but there’s always a chance she’d be too distraught to do that, or that she might somehow die with me if it’s some freak accident.

How about you guys? Do you have someone you trust who knows your passwords and will relay what happened to you to the online people you care about? Maybe some of you have created a death post to put up when you’re dead and had it included in your will.
Perhaps you’ve set up a timed post for a couple of months in the future (not the best option) and keep changing the time on it.

What would you say in your post death post? I look around this site and I see so many people keeping their feelings to themselves. So many things left unsaid while we have the time to say them. Will your last message be an admission of secret love? Will it be a thank you to friends who were there for you when you needed them? Will you tell people that’re not worth fighting with alive, that they’re idiots and you never really liked them? Or will you have the courage to say all these things while you’re alive and simply say “Goodbye, my friends.” in your final post? I’d like to think I choose the latter myself.


90 thoughts on “Your Final Post

  1. With the opening I was wondering why it was so familiar.. :p.I thought about passwords and all that crap but settled on a my little address book..If I made a death post it would read..Dear friends..When you read this it means I'm dead and some git put it up for me..Now make some posts and when you log off remember I logged off permanently..Also I'm leaving you my millions as I'm a prince but couldn't get my money out of the country so I'm giving it to you.. Contact this email [] to see how you can claim it all..Your freindAbdul

  2. Interesting topic, really. I would never make a death post – but it brings up some thoughts. – I am not sure I have enough words to explain what I mean, but this is one of the weaknesses about online friendships, that I don't like. It is so… fragile. You can disappear from one day to another, and no one know where you went. I have email adresses to a few of the members of our "gang", and if I got sick or anything that would keep me away from the computer for a longer period of time, I would write to one of them and ask them to pass the message on to the rest of you. But that doesn't work if I die in a motorcycle accident…

  3. I'll send you mine Tils. Hopefully you've got someone who'd know to contact your e-mail contacts and let them know if some hungry looking git in an 18 wheeled truck attacked your bike? :worried:

  4. Wow Mik! :eyes: This is one of the most interesting topics I've read, and touching too. :cry:Nobody knows my passwords. 😦 Which probably would lead to you having no clue about my wherabouts.

    What would you say in your post death post? I look around this site and I see so many people keeping their feelings to themselves. So many things left unsaid while we have the time to say them. Will your last message be an admission of secret love? Will it be a thank you to friends who were there for you when you needed them? Will you tell people that're not worth fighting with alive, that they're idiots and you never really liked them? Or will you have the courage to say all these things while you're alive and simply say "Goodbye, my friends." in your final post?

    I've never thought of all of the questions above. Perhaps, I haven't really thought of me being dead. But who knows…Perhaps my time is just around the corner. :worried: Most of the things would probably be left unsaid, unless I would have told it to somebody whom I really trust..but probably not. Gosh…I have to find a solution. I could write a special note in my calendar.. :awww:

  5. 😀 bastard to the end.. :happy: I like that..I'd think my brother would contact people on my friends list as he knows I spend alot of time online..Especially this community..Sometimes you have to wonder what happens to those people you don't see around suddenly..A week is acceptable or even two on my charts but beyond that then one tends to worry.. Sometimes ones mind can run wild eh..

  6. I have thought about it before…. few months ago when something happened.Now I have at least 2 people besides my brother who will be able to let people here and among mine e-mail contacts know something bad happened to me. And I will let other people say something about me if they want….*thinking about how much fun that would be to read 😛 *There is nothing after death. Darknes and eternity….

  7. There is nothing after death. Darknes and eternity….

    How could you possibly know? Are you dead perhaps? Or have you been dead?

  8. I've done the death thing twice and can confirm there's nothing. Having watched Flatliners I was most disappointed. :down:

  9. You know, it really is an interesting post. Deep… And it just makes you think hard and wonder. I don't share my password, but i do share my email and phone number with a few people here. I really don't know how to tell you all if that happens. But as long as i'm alive, i'll keep on coming back to see my beloved friends here. And when i die, i think i'd just visit you all, as a ghost :left:

  10. This is a very interesting topic. I haven't given this any thought until now… One thing I do know is that I wouldn't leave the community on purpose without letting anybody know.

  11. two years ago, my computer died and i could not afford to buy or fix another one. the people whom i had daily contact with wondered, but didn't worry much about me. two years, well it was one year and eight months, before i contacted them again. they still remembered me and my last post . . . ironically, my last on-line post was about a man i'd met and was passionate about. long story short, none of them considered that i might have passed away. they were all very welcoming and very glad to hear from me again. it got me to thinking about others, on-line people i've met and gotten to know . . . what has happened that kept them from keeping in touch.eventually, their mystery is solved with just one post. although, sometimes there is never an answer; kind of like what happens when we die. no one but the dead have the answers to that question. :yes: i don't like to think of dying and death, but it is a fact of life. there would be no life without death. that is what i would hope my gravestone reads and someone finds it one day, photographs it and posts it for all to see.:happy: clint gets the evil award for the day! it is a good day to be evil inside! imo. 😀 good thread mik, now off with his head! 😉

  12. Oh… *awkward silence* …not a fun time then? *regrets asking stupid question* Lovely weather recently eh?

  13. :lol:It is ok, when someone ask, you know. I didn`t want that but I haven`t done anything stupid to regret it later. My brother was in a little harder situation than me. But this is another story.What made you think this way and make this post? I am curious, this is not something cheerful to talk about.

  14. Death is not cheerfull?Death is but the begining.. :devil: muhaha..Ok.. :left: maybe its just me but death isn't a subject to shy away from..Its the next frontier.. When you die you'll find out if your god exists or not.. When you die then its the end of life and blah de blah blah blah..I lost myself on this comment.. 😆

  15. I've wondered about it a few times. In my case, there is nobody in my family or offline friends who knows I have a presence here (just 'somewhere' online). I'd be a lot less comfortable here if they did know.

  16. When a human being dies, its body became unexplainable lighter for 28 grams – and this is it. Some says it is just a last breath, the others that this is our soul leaving our bodies. Who knows? If this is a soul, how it comes back in case of clinical death, after the doctors got patient back to life?

  17. I've heard about the 28 grams.. Its not a breath but its a fart that stays in your rectal cavity when alive.. When you die.. Its released and you're 28 grams lighter..So actually our souls are farts located in our asses.. :sherlock: make sense? 😀

  18. I'm an insomniac Darko. It means I think about everything and have amazingly strong wrists. :left::right: I've been online a long time, more than half my life, in fact. For the past seven years I've been online using mobiles. I've met so many wonderful people on social sites. I've sat in a chatroom with over a hundred people just waiting for the servers to be turned off as the site owner couldn't afford to run it any longer. I was one of the few that trained so many people to realise that making a connection online isn't actually as meaningful when you're calling each other only by screen names.And of those hundreds of people I've known and shared my life with, I'm only in real contact with one. One girl who still has my number and we chat in text occasionally.I don't know how long I'll be here or how long my friends will be here. I don't know where there's gonna be a war or natural disaster next. Or even just a bus driver who blinked at the wrong moment. What I do know is that I've found a real special group of people on here and I'm not willing to lose them.Plus the My Name Is Earl episode was inspired. After spending the entire episode looking for the guys friends and eventually figuring he had none, he knocks the computer mouse by accident and dozens of instant message windows start popping up and filling the screen. It's a beautiful moment.

  19. We don`t have it in Serbia either.This is my first blog and I was visiting only one chat room a couple of years ago.And I agree, there are a special group of people here. And I like them a lot.

  20. So Abdul is the one who's been sending all that spam :whistle: .P.S: The correct name is Abdulla, and it means, "Servant of God."

  21. Well I just won the "Readears" Digest competition and will be getting $2.6 million soon. :happy:.You guys ever wonder if there's an eccentric billionaire out there offering people money in blatant spam and willing to actually give it to anyone that falls for it?

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