If You Keep On Screaming You’ll Make Me Deaf, You Know

We don’t need no, no no no, parental guidance here!


Imagine driving along peacefully on a Thursday night and being greeted by the sight of a mother and her three children on a street corner. All three children are holding placards. As you drive past you only manage to read one of the signs, held by a teenaged boy – “I’ll never have a girlfriend because I can’t respect my mother.” You slow down to read the other signs, both declaring that the other teenaged boy and five year old girl holding them are thieves.

Christina Wilcox of Omaha did just that to her kids, having finally reached the end of her tether with them.

“They’ll learn by embarrassment. I’ve tried grounding them and disciplining them in every form and way, and this is the only way I can get through to them. They’re not going to want to do it again so there’ll be no more lying and no more thieving. I’m a simple mom of three. I work full time so time outs and everything else don’t always work.”

Good on her I say. It’s so refreshing to see a parent these days that doesn’t just let their kids get away with anything bad they do. All hail Christina Wilcox – Parent of the Year.


14 thoughts on “If You Keep On Screaming You’ll Make Me Deaf, You Know

  1. Christina Wilcox,parent of the year indeed!:up:Here I have seen some parents encouraging their children to cheat in the exams.No wonder if there's red tapism in India. :irked:

  2. Definitely better than most moms. :up::up: .check out Karen's blog to see an example of the polar opposite :awww:

  3. Disciplining def helps.. prob she tried everything else so had to resort to this… being a single parent is difficult.

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