Holy Crap…

Sometimes I feel like no-one else sees the world like I do…

…and sometimes I don’t.


39 thoughts on “Holy Crap…

  1. Am I supposed to agree or disagree? :confused: ..Maybe I should ask my spiritual adviser. :sherlock: ..Any one got a nickle for the collection plate? 😆 ..BTW, why is it called a nickle when it's copper brown in color?..

  2. Not bad at all. It's a little haunted, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. The last of our furniture arrived today and Kim's putting it together now. Whenever I do any DIY someone else ends up getting hurt when the thing falls apart. 😦

  3. I've dealt with a little hauntings in places I lived too. Glad your stuff arrived. :hat: Go Kimmie. :DSorry about your DIY ummmmmmmm abilities Mik.

  4. Lack of abilities more like. Last time I put up a shelf it fell on the head of the girl I put it up for. To be fair though, who has a shelf above the head of their bed? :irked:

  5. I love the cartoon. My sentiments exactly.:no: Never… Never put a shelf above your bed.It will hurt you later. Take my word for it.

  6. Welcome to my humble page, um… How exactly does one pronounce your username? Nevermind, I'll call you Thundercat for now.:up:

  7. *points out the vowels on Thundercat's keyboard*Anyway, welcome to my little corner of the web. As with all visitors you're open to ridicule and ritual sacrifice just by being here. You're gonna love it. 😎

  8. Hummm, they always seem to be the ones that wear off first.So from now on you can just call me Thndrct.

  9. Have you heard about the guy who ran away from the lunatic asylum?He went back the next day to get his paycheck. :whistle:

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