I Took Over The Widsets Beta

Most Subscribed member, Most Active member and a message from the beta manager thanking me for my input. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the new features on Widsets.

So take it from me that once the new features are implemented you’ll see Widsets become an essential mobile web application. Perhaps not as essential as Opera Mini, but certainly a close second. I’ll announce the release here with a changelog and link to it when it’s up.

P.S. The “huge amount of feedback” was at three in the morning a few days back when I sent a few dozen ideas for basic improvements like amalgamating certain functions and adding smileys to the social aspect, amongst more selfish wants.


33 thoughts on “I Took Over The Widsets Beta

  1. Hmmm, it depends. You need something with a good processor and decent RAM as they're both RAM hungry java apps. My N81 runs both fine with barely a hitch. The new Sony Ericsson G900 should be even better with it's larger RAM and faster OS, but the processor is a little slower which kind of evens it out a bit.All depends on what else you'll be using the phone for. There's plenty of feature phones out there that can run both fine without the need to pay extra for a smartphone.

  2. That's ๐Ÿ˜Ž Mik! I have an LG Rumor mobile, but I can't log onto MyOpera with it. It says I don't have the memory to do that. :faint: There is a 4MB Mini-SD card that I could buy for it, but I don't want to do that just to be able to get onto here. I do like the slider keyboard on the phone for texting though.

  3. The Mini-SD card won't make any difference, Superman. Your phone's too light on the built-in memory (for running apps, not storage), and there's not much you can do about that.Addicted, Mik? :p

  4. Only been there about half an hour each day since the beta started. But the new features are a mini version of what I do here.You go through your widgets and find a story or entire widget that interests you then click to bookmark it. Until now the bookmarks were kept in a private place so you could view them online from a full browser and read the full sites instead of the widgets. Now though you can add a text note to them (256 characters) and choose to post them publically for anyone to see. These are added to a feed containing everyone's public posts or people can subscribe to your feed to only view your own posts.It's great for someone like me who wants to make posts but can't be bothered sometimes. I may just steal a Widsets image from them and set up a template for here to copy my favourite public bookmarks there over to here too. Although I've requested a piece of HTML to display them on other pages too so that might do.

  5. Marcus, can I hazard a guess that you used the inbuilt web browser to try this site with? If so, type the following address into your phone…http://mini.opera.com/?region=us&edition=hifi&rnd=2075743673&rel=3That will allow you to download Opera Mini, the little beast of a browser that brought me and most other phone browsers to this site, and allowed us to make our pages.Give it a try. Make a post with it even. Then you'll know what we do every day.

  6. Hmmm, I just can't find you there for some reason, which has prompted me to ask for a way to see a list of all people who've subscribed to us. And that prompted a few more social aspect ideas which I've sent in.Send me a message on it, or message my main Widsets account on the same name and I'll subscribe to your feed when it goes public next week.

  7. Originally posted by Furie:

    And that prompted a few more social aspect ideas which I've sent in.

    Yeah. I was looking for a way to add you to some friend list on Netvibes when I found you. All I could do was to subscribe. I'll send a message.

  8. God darn it. Well. Now I know why I like Widsets. It reminds me of Netvibes. Change Netvibes into WidSets and the last comment will make sense.

  9. Netvibes is a similar thing for the PC. It's a customizable homepage. With a large repository of Widgets to choose from for your page.You can also install these widgets in Opera, Sidebar, Dashboard and iGoogle to name a few.

  10. Yeah, it's the new one for s60 phones. They want programs for that, regular sis files, Flash Lite, Java etc to create the most open OS, probably before Android kicks their asses. Unfortunately it's officially not supported by any of my phones, but the software in my 6120 is a gnat's breath away from that in an n95 so I'm gonna have to try to install it and see what happens. This isn't my main phone and has barely anything on it at the mo so it shouldn't hurt to do a hard reset if it all goes tits up.

  11. Interesting article. I'm gonna have to research that more.I've got an app on my phone (C++ coding) that downloads BBC News for me. No big deal there, I know. But what I find interesting is that it also uses the in built Flash Lite player to run the UI for the app so it's a lot smoother and impressive looking. Basically it's a show off app, rather than a useful one as all my feeds are in Opera Mini anyway, but I find the use of two seperate application runtime environments in the single application to be fascinating. It's certainly convergence that's the future.As time goes on and more and more web applications can be used on phones as well, the operating systems will change to reflect this. Smartphones today each need their own version of an application for each operating system, but that will be phased out slowly as widgets take over, and more web content becomes mobile accessible. Eventually widgets on phones will be just as far spread as java apps are now.

  12. Originally posted by Furie:

    I find the use of two seperate application runtime environments in the single application to be fascinating.

    Agreed. Sony Ericsson have some developer tools that'll allow Flash content to be ran inside J2ME apps now too. That's mind boggling.Code once, use everywhere should be the standard for most mobile apps. It's too annoying to not be able to use a mobile app because it wasn't made for the platform.

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