Family Ties

Thomas Beattie is a happily married, 34 year old man. He and his wife, Nancy, live in a nice neighbourhood, run a small business together and are expecting their first child. However, as with most things featured on The Dark Furie, not everything is as it seems. In this particular case it is Thomas that is carrying the child and it’s not the first time he’s been pregnant either.

Thomas lived for the first twenty four years of his life as a woman (Tracy). Raised by her father after her mothers suicide, and with two brothers she never felt like a girl and in her twenties the former model decided to live life as a man. Many years of hormone treatments followed with the testosterone injections giving her a deeper voice, more prominent body hair and altering her clitorus to the size of a small penis, allowing her to have sex with her then girlfriend, Nancy. In 2002 she had her breasts surgically removed and legally became a man and married Nancy. However this sex change story has a twist as Thomas, wanting to have a child some day, decided to keep his ovaries and womb. In contrast, Nancy who had to have her own womb removed due to the ill effects of endometriosis can’t carry any children to term.

In 2005 Thomas stopped taking his hormone treatments, knowing that any chance of a baby being healthy would be ruined by the chemical imbalance. In 2007 the couple found a doctor willing to treat such a unique case and attempted artificial insemination. It worked and the couple celebrated finding out that Thomas was pregnant that summer. Tragically the eggs grew outside the uterus in the fallopian tubes (known as an ectopic pregnancy) and the embryos had to be removed in an emergency surgery. This didn’t shake the couple from their dream though and in October a second attempt at artificial insemination proved successful and Thomas fell pregnant again.

Now the couple have three weeks left to go before their daughter is born and I wish them all the luck in the world. I’ll end this post with their own words on this unique situation.


Love makes a family and that’s all that matters.


27 thoughts on “Family Ties

  1. I didn't think about that when you mentioned it.. :p Kept thinking that women decided they have had enough.. 😆

  2. I guarantee she wont be the last child born to a man. It'll be interesting to see if the birth goes smoothly.

  3. I presume a C-section. But if her/his parts are intact he/she could actually deliver vaginally. 🙄 :yuck:

  4. Name one guy that could give birth and still stay legally a guy. It so does count as something a woman is better at. :p

  5. I could mention the young female heartthrob from Germany that was born a boy, but I don't think that would count any better! :p

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