Murder One

We bought ourselves some new DVDs a while back including something I’ve been looking to find for years now. Anyone else ever watch Murder One when it was on television? An amazing series, it followed one high profile murder case all the way from finding the victim to the lawyers appearing on talk shows after the court case.

It mostly centered on the lawyers and was groundbreaking in it’s time for following one story for an entire season. Back then most series played several storylines throughout a season or even one per episode but this broke that mould, paving the way for shows such as Lost, Prison Break Heroes and 24 (which could be called the king of that particular style of storytelling). None of those shows could exist without Murder One first breaking the idea that people would watch a story played out over so long a period.

I first caught the show on BBC 2 here years ago and watched it religiously on video (too busy a life to watch TV back then) but missed most of the second season due to my VCR breaking. Now we’ve got the first season and will be getting the second soon and, as Kim’s never seen it, we’ll be cuddling up some time soon to watch them.


9 thoughts on “Murder One

  1. What she said. It's an early to mid 90s american drama. First of it's kind with the season long story, but still bogged down by some shoddy acting (despite the intensity of the leads) and bad musical stings. Worth watching though.

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