Racist Evil

Racism. It exists. It’s everywhere, sometimes if only in our minds. And sometimes a stand against perceived racism ends up being more racist than what it’s standing against. Take the creator of the Your Black Writers blog over on Blogger for example. Someone sent him a video of the trailer for Resident Evil 5 and marked it “African Genocide” causing him to see something in the trailer that isn’t actually there.

The game features the return of one of the old characters in the series, Chris Redfield, as he travels to Africa as part of an international aid organisation after some unnamed disaster. The trailer shows someone become infected with one of the monster making viruses that are prevalent in the series. Suddenly the entire village erupts in violence as the once peaceful villagers attack each other and Chris. Several scenes follow showing Chris fighting off the villagers much as Leon did the Spanish villagers in Resident Evil 4.

Unfortunately the writer of the Young Black Writer’s blog isn’t into video games and has taken these scenes as an example of the white man propagating violence against blacks. Furthermore his lack of knowledge or research into the subject means he sees the infected villagers (who act much as the infected in films such as 28 Days Later) as an example of blacks being portrayed as savage barbarians. And, perhaps to illustrate the stupidity of his post, Kotaku (a leading games website) has picked up his story and directed all their readers to his page to add their two cents worth meaning that post has 225 comments (at the time of writing this post) on a blog that regularly receives one or two at most. Cue racist comments back and forth between many different cultures, combined with the web’s playground mentality, as well as a few people who actually have a point to make. It’s worth visiting that post if only to see what chaos a blog post can cause if not researched properly, as well as the effects of “phantom” racism where the victim sees it in everything. The link is in the first paragraph. Enjoy, but don’t let yourself be suckered into actually commenting.


12 thoughts on “Racist Evil

  1. Nothing like good quality research :rolleyes:. Surprised he didn't festoon his page with paid ads, though.Remember the stories when Doom came out? Wasn't there a famous newspaper which reported that the central premise was about killing children and sticking their heads on spikes? :doh:

  2. Stupidity. I saw no outrage at the killing of Hispanic zombies. Or American ones. People need to think before they rant aimlessly. At least my rants are researched :happy:

  3. I think I remember that Mart. I was in rehab from the evil of video games back then though. Took me a while but I dropped the weight, shaved the tache and stopped jumping on animals. 😀

  4. Maybe he's overwhelmed at the response he's had. Or pissed that he's provided a forum for a race war as well as a catalyst for one.

  5. Originally posted by Porche:

    Dear developers of Burnout: For years my race has been the victim of violence. In cinema, literature, gaming… But what outrages me more than anything is a game dedicated solely to the destruction of cars. This is needlessly cruel, and, more importantly, a twisted hate crime. You racist bastards.

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