Til Game Over Do We Part

I’m a gamer. So is Kim. In fact, video games are one of our largest and most time consuming hobbies. Quite often we’ll talk about them on here, but there is a limit.

For example, should we plan our wedding around a video game theme (complete with a Mario wedding cake) then we’ve gone past our own limit and into the realms of lunacy and uber geekdom.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even we’re not that geeky.


67 thoughts on “Til Game Over Do We Part

  1. A mobile phone-themed wedding, then? :pI know of a couple who met because they were dressed up as these two Pokemon characters at a party :Apparently it became their theme. No word on the wedding yet, though.

  2. Yes, you are. :love:.Sounds like a romantic wedding idea, Mart. Now to pick a best SIM and a Motomaid. :yes:

  3. Don't do it, Mart. It's rigged to bl…*suddenly a paw wraps around Mik's mouth and drags him into the darkness*

  4. *crawls out of the darkness, bloody and beaten yet alive, with a bloodsoaked orange rag between his teeth*Maybe at your next belt, kitten.Look out for the strawberries, Mart. They've been treated with my DNA and you'll turn into me if you eat them.

  5. :rolleyes:*knowing it is not her orange belt but some old rag for toilet cleaning*Fighting with ghosts again Mik? Here, have some strawberries, I sprayed them with liquid tranquilizer :)*taps numbed hamster on his head*

  6. *wonders why Darko is squashing the stuffed hamster toy* :left: *puts on a smart black belt, ties a ribbon around his head*

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