Presents From Nokia

I just received this e-mail regarding my beta testing period of Widsets.

Thank you for your participation in WidSets beta testing in May – June
time. Your feedback has been very valuable; we keep on studing the
improvement suggestions based on your ideas.

We would like to especially thank couple of beta testers with Nokia
services & accessories. This time the lucky ones are: djthevs, Furie,
lifebloger, thauh and Turbulence. I will contact you very shortly about
this little treat. Congratulations!

Ooooo, presents for me! Hooray, I never get presents normally. Thanks Nokia. I’ll have an N96 please.


21 thoughts on “Presents From Nokia

  1. Thanks Rosie (AKA the subject of tomorrow's morning post) :devil:.Hey, is Norway anywhere near Finland? If so can you tell them what prize I want? 😀

  2. :eyes: :insane:Norway borders to Finland waaaay up in the North. I'm sure I can get a message through :up:. But why Finland?

  3. My money's on a quid off the latest model if bought direct from them. 😆 The mail specifies "accessories and services" so I can assume I wont be getting a phone. :awww: They want to reward me they can implement all my suggestions, including the photo of my Dark Furie image displayed for all users when the app loads. :devil: "Services" has intrigued me more than anything though. As far as I know, all the Nokia run services and applications are free already.

  4. It's about time someone recognised and rewarded your intelligence, dedication and efforts. They'd better send you something good 😀

  5. That's where Nokia are based. :up:.Hmmm, just checked their forums for competition winners and the like. The most given away prize I can see is the Nokia N95 so I may not be far off with my N96 joke. Doesn't really matter what I get to be honest, although that would be beyond cool, I'm just happy to get some recognition for my efforts, ya know?

  6. I got a 6110 Navigator. It's been a while since I had a phone that I like just as much as I like this one! :up:

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