What Am I Doing Right Now?

Today has been a good day.

We spent the majority of it at Kim’s Gran’s house, visiting. That allowed me to get some new music. I’ve got a phone that’s capable of HSDPA speeds, and a network that supports them, but our network doesn’t cover our home with those speeds meaning I’m reduced to 5kb per second downloads. It’s ridiculous. Luckily Kim’s Gran’s house is covered by our network so I make a point of downloading an album each time we visit now.

More good mobile news is that both Opera and Google have updated their mobile sites in the past week or so to recognise more different phones. While the applications they give out aren’t all that different, this does mean that you’ll be more likely to get the right icon size for your phone now instead of the tiny ones we used to get. Always remember to delete the old version first, before attempting a new download.

Final bit of good stuff happened on the way home when I spotted a spare ten pound note just sitting there waiting for me. That used to happen to me at least once a week but hasn’t happened since we moved out of my home town years ago. We used some of it to buy an expansion pack for Kim’s game and the rest on munchies.

Today has been a good day and, like all the really good days, it was little bonuses that made it that way.


55 thoughts on “What Am I Doing Right Now?

  1. I used to find it all the time. Until I was 25, I'd never had a week when I didn't find a spare £20 or more. Sometimes it even appeared in my wallet. I'd regularly go out with £90, spend £30 and then find I've got £70-£80 left.

  2. They reckon every city in the world has at least £150 on the floor at any time of day. Look around more Rosie. :D.If you find any more, it's mine Scooter. :up: I borrowed your jacket a while back. 😀

  3. :eyes: Appeared in your wallet?I've never found anything more than SEK 100. And that was years ago :awww:.I see the occasional 0.50, but it's not worth bending down for. Wait… that sounded better in my head :left:

  4. Someone has said that money is all around us and all we need is to pick it up from the floor. It was Aristotel Onasis, I think…. :left:

  5. Stunts & Effects? :DWhen I was a kid I found money pretty regularly. On one occasion I found a whole trail of coins worth about £10, which was about 10 weeks pocket money for me at the time :D.These days, I still find the coins but never the notes :awww:

  6. I haven't ever found coins that I remember.Yeah, Stunts and Effects. It was almost the death of our PC when Vista decided we weren't allowed to install it. :mad:.*locks Carol away in a school for mimes*

  7. So you just visit gran for the faster speeds eh Furie.. :sherlock::lol: I love picking up money.. :p but its even better when I wake up after a hard night and find I still got cash to spare.. :rolleyes:.Rose.. How much is SEK 100?

  8. Cois – SEK 100 is about R132. By the way, sex in Swedish also means the number 6… I suppose that would answer any other questions :p

  9. *gets a clip of the episode of Friends where Monica teaches Chandler how to be good in bed* "SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN!" 😆

  10. Yup thanks.. :p unfortunate thing is I went through my remaining data today.. 😥 I'll have to download it the 7th when I can top up.. :irked: I hate my network.. Grrr..

  11. It took me half an hour to send over GPRS. I could've waited til I was somewhere with an HSDPA signal. :awww:

  12. Tell Kim that. She beat me with a realistic piece of wood wrapped in barbed wire, just like on the wrestling, until I sent it. 😥

  13. Just thought it was 😆 the photo of the phone booth next to your photo that comes up in the comment box. Knowing how you love phones. 😀

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