More Love From Finland

I love my phone. Yeah yeah, I know you hadn’t noticed, but I do. For starters it keeps me in touch with all you weird and wonderful people (feel free to categorise yourselves), and that’s enough to bring on the love despite it’s many other talents.

Unfortunately I’m a very impatient man. And seeing all the shiny new features on other phones makes me want to rob a bank to get a new one occasionally.

Thankfully Nokia, after sending me gifts galore in the past few weeks, has decided it’s got one last surprise for me. The firmware for my N81 8GB just got treated to version 20.0.056 bringing a load of new features with it. Flash Lite has been updated from release 2.1 to release 3 bringing full Flash video support with it. The menus now have new transition animations to make them seem more fresh. There’s a load of features like that as well as behind the scenes bug fixes and updates, but the part of the firmware update that’s impressed me the most is the inclusion of Web Runtime.

I’ve been looking for a way to get that on my phone for months now. Basically it’s a new programming language for my phone that allows widgets to be run on phones. It’s been on a small amount of the most expensive phones up til now and I didn’t think I’d ever get to play with it without robbing that bank.

Hooray for Nokia.


21 thoughts on “More Love From Finland

  1. Is he essentially a brainwashed puppet of Nokia, plied with an endless supply of Nokia toys to keep him from revolting? :sherlock::takes notes to make the Mik clone even truer to the original :yes::

  2. So it is safe to say that Mik is a VIP as far as Nokia is concerned? After all, I'm sure they don't send gifts galore to just anyone :up:

  3. You should try to make some money out of your knowledge of mobile phones and software. In your case it will be business and pleasure connected 😀

  4. For my services to Lesbiankind. :happy:.There's not much I can do legally with my knowledge of phones. I hope eventually to get back to a stage where I regularly get sent new phones to review on my blog. But I think I'd have to move to a different platform for that and learn all over again.

  5. 6120 isn't a pooey phone. It's got some features I'd kill to have on this. Hopefully they'll get around to giving it a decent software update sometime soon. From the sounds of things they're aiming to have the same software on each s60 phone now, with v20 being the current benchmark. As the 6120 was released at v3.83 in the UK it's got a way to go before that update you'd think, but this one is updating from v10 straight to v20 so it may not be too long.

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