A Bunch Of Studs

LEGO Universe is a massively multiplayer online game currently being developed by the LEGO Group. The game will unite the fun, quality and creativity of a LEGO product with a virtual environment’s imaginative play possibilities!

Calling LEGO Universe “massively multiplayer” means that thousands of LEGO fans will be able to team up in the gamespace. LEGO Universe will also be a “persistent” gameworld, constantly evolved by the players actions.

Within LEGO Universe, players will safely create, build, quest and socialise together. This entirely new online world will be the spot for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages to form their own adventures.

Players start as a basic minifig character with no plastic whatsoever. Through completing tasks and challenges, beating enemies or trading with other players, those characters collect plastic – the currency of the land. This can be used in shops to buy region related accessories or melted down for players to create their own bricks, which may be needed for quests. As players team up they can use their different abilities to unlock new areas that offer new challenges.

With simple gameplay akin to the Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones games, regions based upon the different lines of Lego figures (I’m going to play in the Knights section and Kim will be in the Pirates one obviously), and an intriguing economy this could be the game that everyone who was ever a kid has been waiting for.


12 thoughts on “A Bunch Of Studs

  1. Anything with the words "Massively Multiplayer Online Game" in it will usually result in apprehension and aversion from me. Never again shall I repeat the mistakes I made with Lineage II and, later, World of Warcraft. :knight:My anti-MMO sentiments are brushed aside for this game, however. This game sounds like it could be really :cool:.:sst: Or incredibly lame.It sounds like the sort of game that will either work very well… or it will be a total disappointment. I seriously hope it will be the former. :yes:

  2. I was a kid once, then an alien cat killed me and I was promoted to deity for the good deeds I'd done in life.Mo, they've been developing it forever. Trying to get the right amount of depth for both kids and adults to have fun with. Current release date is 2009.*helps Carol get her contacts out*Next time just ask instead of staring wide eyed. :p

  3. It's funny to see how Lego try to develop and keep up with the market to keep their share. I hope they succeed with it. :up:

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