What Am I Doing Right Now?

You’ve probably guessed by the fact that I’m posting this, that I’ve survived the past two days. What you wont know is how much they’ve affected me. It’s only little things that have happened, but there’s been a lot of them and my mind is full to bursting point right now.

People who’ve been reading this page recently will know that I recently won an N82 loaner phone for my participation in the S60 Ambassadors project. What you don’t know, cause I’ve kept quiet about it til I was sure no-one was in trouble over it, is that the phone arrived yesterday only it wasn’t an N82. No, when I opened the package out tumbled two Samsung phones packed with developer applications. Seriously, of all the people they could make that mistake with, they made it with me. The fools!

***sounds of maniacal laughter emanate from the post***

Ahem, anyway… There’s an N82 on it’s way to me again along with a prepaid bag to send the Samsung phones back. All’s well that ends well, and I’ve been helping myself to what I can get out of the developer apps.

Long time readers will know that I’ve been drooling over a video game called Fable 2 for over a year now, and that I’ve got some pretty unrealistic hopes for it. Well today the Official Xbox Magazine came out with the first playtest of the game, and it appears that my hopes are met and smashed in every way. This is so going to be game of the year when it comes out around Christmas. Keep your eyes open for it guys. When you see it on shelves, don’t expect to see me for a while.

Roads were all backed up yesterday. Luckily we were on foot. Unluckily the people in cars were so impatient that they were willing to run a red light by driving on the wrong side of the road. What this meant to me was that I had one foot in the road at a crossing, looking to my right to make sure I wasn’t run over, when six cars zoomed past me on the wrong side of the road from my left. If Kim hadn’t have pulled me back I probably wouldn’t be here now. I was so shocked and angry that I didn’t get a single plate number or even drag anyone out of their cars.

This morning my headset arrived from Nokia for my participation in the Widsets beta test. It also included a Widsets neckstrap and two album vouchers for Nokia Music Store.

There’s more that’s happened but I can’t really put it all together in my head yet so I’m gonna stop here.


27 thoughts on “What Am I Doing Right Now?

  1. Whoa.. You were almost made into compote.. :eyes: enjoy the little pleasures Mik.. You'll notice when they're gone.. :p have you noticed that when you edit or delete a bookmark on mini all your thirty odd bookmarks vanish and you're stuck with the ones you get when loading mini? This has happened twice this month and I just caught on..:(

  2. "when six cars zoomed past me on the wrong side of the road from my left" :yikes::eyes:Hey, wait a minute, they are driving on the good side of the road :PHaving a lot of tourists on the island, right? :whistle:

  3. Tourists drive taxis and crappy little student cars? :eyes:.Developer apps like a phone tuner which lets you set the sensitivity of the joypad, play with default camera settings, set up which parts of the phone software auto-start etc. :devil: They were fun to check out.Darko, GTA taught me how you Serbs drive. :p.Hasn't happened to me yet Clint. Could be a RAM problem. Are you staying signed in when using Mini?I'm a survivor guys. Takes more than getting run over to stop me.

  4. I mean to the synchronise thingy.Yeah, they're s60 phones Rose. Had loads of unneeded apologies over it too.*opens Rose's forehead and steals the happy thoughts*

  5. Yeah, I know. But you shouldn't be talking and moving around until we've replaced this…*holds up Rose's forehead*

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