Coffee Anyone?

I find myself in the unlikely position of being unable to pick a side in an argument. I’m a coffee addict. Seriously, I’m nothing without caffeine running through my veins. I found this story about an hour after it was posted and, while not exactly following it, I hoped the customer got some kind of apology for his awful treatment by the barista that served him. When the head of the company involved posted a public reply saying “Fuck you” to him the story kind of got picked up by the public to the point that it started to be reported in American national newspapers and on websites everywhere. Personally I held off posting about it until the heat had died down.

All the guy wanted was a coffee to his own expectations (triple espresso over ice) but was told that company policy wouldn’t allow it, then berated for ruining the essence of the drink. Now I’m all for decent customer service as it’s something that’s seriously lacking in this country, so I was disgusted to hear that and rooting for the customer, but only partly.Β The thing is, espresso when served over ice produces a particularly bitter and sour drink. The sort that can turn someone away from your establishment if they’ve never tried it before and think all the coffee is like that. The trick is to serve it normally, then pour it over a hot (but colder than the coffee) metal spoon onto the ice. The problem with that is that many health and safety regulations prohibit it so I can see why they just stopped serving that style altogether.

One final thought on this. Currently the price of a regular Americano, one shot of milk and one sugar is seven and a half pence to make including the coffee used, the electricity to heat the water and wash the cup, and the salary of the person serving it, based on average sales. The coffee alone with the electricity to heat the water and wash the mug is four and a half pence. The cheapest coffee that Starbucks serves here is Β£1.40. That’s one hundred and thirty two and a half pence that goes to profit. Surely with profit margins like that coming out of our pockets we can expect to be treated with some courtesy and have our coffee however we want. Hey, looks like I did pick a side after all.

Oh well, gotta go. The kettle’s just boiled.


14 thoughts on “Coffee Anyone?

  1. Wow… Talk about getting out of proportion.I'm having my coffee without milk this week – just because I want to :coffee:

  2. If he specifically ordered a drink, the least he can expect is for it to be served. :irked:If perhaps he not been sure what he wanted, "I want a coffee. Any coffee. Ooh, that 'triple espresso over ice' sounds interesting, I'll try that", then I could understand it if the barista tried to dissuade him from it if it is an acquired taste, as you seem to suggest it is.However, he specifically requested it. He knew exactly what he was ordering so refusing on the basis that it spoils his drink is a bit pathetic. Even if it does spoil the drink, if that is how he likes it then they should serve it to him.

  3. This makes me angry. If he's requested it there's no issue! And don't get me started on Starbucks. Shite in a cup.

  4. Oh fuck, come on! πŸ™„ .Some guy venting his frustration on his blog, well that's kinda what a blog is for right? But a coffee shop falls under the auspices of the service industry. A polite 'sorry it's against our policy' is one thing, but a public 'fuck you' is a good reason for me to never ever set foot in that establishment myself.I worked, at one time, in the food delivery business. I've had customers order pizza with no cheese, curry with no spice and even specify that they want instant coffee and not filter coffee. (note that these orders were mostly delivered to peoples homes.) If the restaurant or fast food outlet was unwilling or unable to provide what was requested, we'd call the customer back and politely explain why we can't comply.:irked:

  5. I worked in hospitality too. Ever heard of Service With A Snarl? My invention. The basic premise is never to do all that fake "I'm cheerful as hell, Have a nice day" crap. Someone comes in and asks how you're doing and you tell them "Well my girlfriend just left me for a sports team, my baby turned out to be her sister's and my landlord keeps trying to get me to sleep with him in lieu of rent, but ya know… Can't complain. Now please hurry up and get the hell out so I can go back to sobbing in the corner."I used to have customers coming from miles around to see what tragedies I'd invent next or how mean I could be to them while still falling under the general heading of polite.

  6. πŸ˜† You should have seen the look on one of my whiney sack o'shit customers faces when I told him that his mother would have done the whole world a favor if she had swallowed. πŸ˜€ Priceless!

  7. 132.5p profit is exaggerating it, surely? There's still wages, the lease, insurance, taxes, etc.But Starbucks coffee is :yuck:

  8. Based on how much coffee costs to buy, how much is bought on average and how much services and wages cost, each cup comes to approximately seven and a half pence here for the retailer. Back in my day it was three and three quarters.I don't think it includes premises in the calculation, but I know it includes wages.

  9. I'm 3rd. shift (overnight) shipping at a commercial bakery, Mik. I didn't get fired,either. :irked: Even at 7.5 pence ($.15,usd) that's a hell of a markup! *cha-ching!*I won't set foot in a Starbucks, I'll occasionally go to a Dunkin' Donuts. I visit 7-11s nightly. 1 24 oz., a 32 oz. (travel mug and thermos,respectively) and a buttered Kaiser roll sets me back $5.00. Most weeks I spend $35 at that damned store! πŸ˜†

  10. :eyes: When I worked at a gas station we had a Slush Puppy machine and had to empty it at a certain time of night, clean it then refill it. I used to leave it an extra hour so the girls from the chip shop could have some freebies, in return for a pie, chips and gravy supper. :yes:

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