More Lesbians

A while back I posted this story about citizens of the Isle of Lesbos trying to get the name Lesbians back for their country. Their argument was that only natives of Lesbos could be called Lesbians and that they'd suffered psychological damage from the current meaning of the name. Basically a load of whining homophobes.

Well, despite the difficulties getting clean results for the search term "Lesbos Court Lesbians" I've got the results of the case. It seems that, legally speaking, lesbians are not just from Lesbos but from anywhere a woman has looked at another woman and considered breaking out the baby oil.

Basically everywhere but Amish country then.


22 thoughts on “More Lesbians

  1. What's wierd is that 'safe search' sometimes brings up worse results than without it. :insane: .Karen Posted a photo showing a grave stone with the name 'Oral Love' on it. Using strict filtering, I googled this to see where she found it. I nearly freaked out at what came up. :insane:

  2. In the interest of the post, I bravely Googled 'amish lesbian'. The results were disappointing. I predict soon this post will be one of the top results for the search :p

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