So I was reading about Fable 2 in a preview recently and I found that one of the rare items in the game is a condom. We’ve known for a while that the game includes the option to have both safe and unsafe sex with a partner and that it would include condoms, but I had it in my head that they’d be like they are now and bought from a shop. Instead they’re reusable and can only be found as a rare item, usually belonging to somebody else. Not the usual sort of treasure in a role playing game, that’s for sure.

The thought of it reminded me of an old sex education advert shown on british television when I was still in school. This unintentionally hilarious advert shows an old man introducing us to Geronimo, his special friend.


24 thoughts on “Geronimo

  1. The link takes me to a login screen..I don't think I'd want to get trapped in that game if I'm supposed to use someone elser condom.. :insane: what is it made of? A jiffy bag and rubber band? 😆

  2. 😆 That's a cool ad! About the game… it reminds me of a simple game we had here, called "Mujaffa"! You were a young dude (Turkish/pakinstanish/I don't know but not Danish), driving down the street, picking up gold chains and flashing his BMW. The more chains you collected, the more money you got to style your car. And there were also condoms on the street, so when a blond Danish girl came bye, you were supposed to pick you up. She would only go with you if you had condoms though! There was a lot of writing about that game! 😆

  3. I find the idea of reusable condoms rather odd. They've gotta be pretty thick, how do you feel the sex so well?

  4. Perker, is a slang word for … err… a foreigner, a mix of a persian and a turkish one. Used as a foul word here nowadays, even though it wasn't intended as one at the beginning.Penis is pik, you got that right, Kimmie. :up:

  5. I'll edit this when I get my main phone back and can upload to my public files. My network's just too bad this week to look for a new place especially just for one video.

  6. Requested URL not found on this server..Mik.. Use the MocoSpace one I use..It takes a short while to get screened though..upload is also easier as you use a e-mail address..

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