Dumb Hairy Lardasses

What a bloody carry on I've been having with DHL. For a courier company they sure seem determined to not deliver anything.

It started a while back when I joined the S60 Ambassador's campaign. The idea behind it is to spread the word about S60 phones in specific ways and report back for a chance to get prizes. Each campaign has different features to promote and different welcome packs and prizes for the top reporters. Anyway one of my early reports earned me a loaner phone which soon got dispatched to me. Unfortunately due to a mix up in Nokia's marketing department I actually ended up with two unreleased Samsung phones, meant for trade shows. Not really a problem. I told Nokia, they sent me some prepaid labels out to send the phones back.

That's where DHL comes in. They were hired to deliver the labels and then pick up the phones to send back to Nokia USA all in the one visit to my place. Apparently that's the way they operate in America. Unfortunately over here in the UK they don't pick up when they deliver so I was told to arrange a seperate pick up. I scoured the website and couldn't find a way to arrange a pick up online without booking a new one and paying for that, so I eventually explained the situation to their customer services e-mail address and asked what I could do. A week and a half later they got back to me with a single line reply telling me to call a number to order a pick up.

More problems arose when I called the premium rate number and explained to the woman on the other end what I needed. She told me that I needed the account number in order to arrange a pick up that's already been paid for. I explained that the paperwork I had only contained the already paid for waybill number and the customer reference number but neither was good enough. Knowing that there's no way Nokia will give me it's account number and make me privy to it's transactions I contacted Nokia USA via e-mail and explained what had been happening. They told me not to worry about it and they'd try to sort it out on their end.

A while later I got an e-mail saying that for some reason DHL USA wouldn't arrange a DHL UK collection and that the matter was being passed on to Nokia's marketing department. That brings us almost up to last night when I got news that DHL would be picking the phones up the next day (today).

Kim and I didn't get much sleep last night for miscellaneous reasons so we weren't too thrilled with having to get up early just in case the collection comes early. We waited. And we waited. And then we waited some more. Checking my mail I found a message from Nokia Finland. Apparently the DHL problems had been passed onto them after the USA and UK branches failed to co-operate. Also they'd just been contacted by DHL Finland saying that they can't arrange a pick up without the phone number of the person they're collecting from so I had to give my phone number over. About a half hour later another message appeared telling me that for some reason DHL Finland isn't allowed to give DHL UK the delivery address that the package is going to, so I was given an address I had to fill in myself. Not so much a problem as a damn stupid way of doing things. Shortly later I received another message from Nokia Finland informing me that DHL UK are now saying that their system is slow and can't guarantee a collection either today or tomorrow despite an overnight delivery having been paid for twice now. At this point it's pretty obvious from the wording that Nokia Finland are getting annoyed with DHL and are way past their "dumb customer can't even send a phone back" conception of me if they ever had one. At this point Kim and I just went out to do the things we had to do like shopping.

At half past four this afternoon I got a phonecall from DHL asking if I booked a collection for today and if I still want it picking up. Of course I did. "Well you might not be able to" was the answer. The explanation this time is that the driver's computer was down in his truck meaning he hadn't been able to receive new delivery orders and had already left the area. They'd try to arrange another driver. They eventually did come and pick up the phones at about half past five today. Somewhere around three weeks since I'd started trying to send them back.

And that's why I'm rechristening DHL as Dumb Hairy Lardasses.


17 thoughts on “Dumb Hairy Lardasses

  1. due to a mix up in Nokia's marketing department I actually ended up with two unreleased Samsung phones, meant for trade shows.

    I daresay not everyone would have been as honest about the mix up. Since you weren't supposed to receive them, they might never have thought that you were the one with missing phones.I must be really old and cynical for not even being surprised at the lack of communication between two branches. It's just really frustrating when you're the one stuck in the middle. :bomb:

  2. "asking if I booked a collection for today and if I still want it picking up. Of course I did. "Well you might not be able to" was the answer.":doh:Can`t believe he/she was serious. I would`ve thought he is making fun of me :irked:

  3. The thing worrying me most was the phones. They were on loan from Samsung and meant to be back weeks ago. Unfortunately I ended up with them and that alone could have cost someone their job. But to have to wait this long and go to this much trouble just to get them back is ridiculous and improved the chances of someone getting sacked over at Nokia for a simple wrong address label on the wrong package mistake. It's ridiculous. :mad:.I couldn't have kept them anyway to be honest. I got them instead of a loaner phone and signed for them so there's no way I'd have gotten away with that con even if I'd tried. While they may not have realised that I had the Samsung phones they would have thought I had a £400 Nokia N82 that I wasn't giving back. Good thing I prize honesty in my life. It's all I can really afford these days. :lol:.This whole incident has put me off getting loaners from Nokia as it's just too much trouble to get them sent back. I sent my N82 loaner back early (it's due back on September 9th) with these phones because of this. So it's already cost me a month with a new phone. In future if I win another loaner phone I'll be asking that it be given to someone else, or maybe seeing if I can get a t-shirt or something. 😦

  4. Isn't it just, Carol. Somehow I can't see them wanting to lose an account as large as Nokia's but they pissed off the head of their marketing department as it was him who ended up liasing with me over this.Darko, my answer was something along the lines of I've been trying to get these things sent overnight for three weeks now, they've been paid for twice and I have been fobbed off with every excuse in the book, including multiple ones today so they will be picking them up from me today.Tils, the guy that picked them up wasn't much happy about it either. Thanks to all this he'd been called in just as he finished work and told he's got to go back out and collect some more. Hope he gets some nice fat overtime for it.

  5. Now I understand why you asked if I'd been following you for my last story :pThe disturbing thing is I'd still pick DHL over Parcelforce…who might have prompted my story :left:

  6. Seems here in SA the postal workers have been stealing parcels sent by eBay recently.. My recent horror is that my little parcel also got lost as it 'got lost' in the mail..No memory card for me.. :irked: although I bought it from a local company who won't take responsibility for it.. Seems they didn't even take insurance out on the thing..

  7. There was a ring over here doing that. Loads of parcels, cards, bank cards and giros went missing. They got well over a million before they were caught.

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