IKEA Launches New Mobile Service Today

Considering what this post is about I thought I'd let you guys make it for yourselves. Don't worry, full instructions are included although some parts may be missing.

1 – Click on the image.
2 – Read the story it takes you to.
3 – Form an opinion/witty observation.
4 – Return here and comment.


8 thoughts on “IKEA Launches New Mobile Service Today

  1. The best bit is that you even have to put the mobile service together yourself and there's bits missing. It's a SIM only offering and you have to get the phone yourself elsewhere. πŸ˜€

  2. :DI think it's great that the big phone companies get a little bit of competition. Then there's a chance that they will have to lower the prices to keep their costumers.

  3. I quite like it its just unfortunate I won't benefit.. :awww: wouldn't mind if it was over here to give the other networks a run for their money and lower costs..They don't mention anything about internet usage though..

  4. Pretty much. Virtual networks are limited though. They give cheap calls and texts then claw back profits from things like web access. The biggest VN over here is Virgin and it costs Β£5 per megabyte for web browsing plus 30p per day just to go online.

  5. Virgin is available here also. I've never bothered to find out much about it since they use the same poorly assembled infrastructure that I already battle with. :awww:

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