Furie May Cry

I take my phone everywhere with me. It sits in my pocket while I'm out. It sits on the freezer while I make dinner. Right now I'm in the toilet while posting. First thing I do in the morning is turn it on. Last thing I do at night is turn it off. It goes everywhere with me.

For some reason today I didn't take it with me when we went shopping. Regular readers will know I'm always spotting something weird while shopping and taking a photo. Well, I hit the jackpot today and didn't have my phone with me to take any photos. There's some party going on somewhere to welcome the new University students so we were surrounded by fancy dress wearing students while shopping and no way to grab a photo.

The party seems to be themed around anime and video games. Saw a large group in pretty authentic Naruto clothes (which, when I tried to point them out to Kim, some woman thought I was complaining that she was in my way and started snapping at me) then smaller isolated fancy dress around the store. The best came when we were leaving though. As we reached the crossing to the other side of the road we found four student girls dressed as the cast of Devil May Cry, including home-made replica weapons.

I so wish I'd had my phone with me today.


38 thoughts on “Furie May Cry

  1. No we couldn't. πŸ˜† .The mighty Furie finally admits his humble humanity. :p .Not to mention how humiliating it must be for thΓ© phone guru to be without his phone at such a crucial time :insane:

  2. Carol, I was ON the toilet having a nice sloppy crap. Thanks for asking. :up:.Darko, I once posted from the toilet to point out that the web is changing and people aren't just in front of PCs in their living rooms anymore when they comment or read your posts.Qlue, I joined the human race a while ago, but only so I could win it.Mart, my art is almost as good as my geography. :awww:.Tils, my precious needed to charge. She's been busy recently preparing some very strange posts for you guys.Clint, I did. Both before you ask.

  3. I still remember that post you made while you took a dump, Mik. I still suffer from nightmares! :yikes:I'll be looking forward to more strange posts. Preferably from when you are not sitting on the toilet, reporting what you're doing! πŸ˜†

  4. So … hang on … I'm lost … you were on the toilet when this woman came in and you started complaining that she was in your way (she was obviously a plumber) so she started snapping at you (because you didn't stop what you were doing while she was plunging) so you all put on costumes to make sure you didn't have your phone … :eyes: πŸ˜‰

  5. Fat has just been posted. Immortality will be some time this week as well. And Elephant is another good one. They may have different names when I get round to posting them, but they're some pretty cool subjects.

  6. Can't wait.. Would you like to know about my posts? Crap today and some crap tomorrow then some more till next week.. πŸ˜€ did you wipe before you kicked or after.. :left: be honest.. :insane:

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