Meet Georgia Davis, officially the world's fattest teenager. At fifteen years old the girl weighs an astounding 210 kilograms (just over 33 stone) and consumes a massive 14,000 (fourteen thousand) calories every single day. Her daily diet includes an entire lasagne, two loaves of bread, a gallon of soda, two plates of chips, seven sandwiches, an entire chocolate cake and a hell of a lot more.

Unsurprisingly the doctors have told Georgia that she could die any day due to her weight. She can't even walk two steps without having to stop and catch her breath, has to sleep in a specially constructed bed as she can't in or out of a regular one, and has just been banned from the school cafeteria as she eats too much. Georgia says she started overeating at the age of five, when her father died. I say she's not the only one who's suffered some traumatic event at that age, but she is the only one to have gotten up to seven times her needed calorie intake and be drawn to my attention for this article. No doubt eating sweet things made her a little happier for a while and her family encouraged it, desperate to ease her pain in whatever way they could. As she gained weight I can see them telling her how it's okay and that she deserves some happiness, forever pushing her towards overeating as a way to find happiness, and reinforcing the idea that, no matter the problem, food is the answer. We've all seen something similar at some point. A bad habit or bad behaviour forgiven by a parent or guardian because the child is having a rough time.

I've seen it way too often. The child goes one of two ways if it continues unchecked – they either start looking for sympathy everywhere so they can have more freedom or they indulge in the habit/behaviour. It's not the child's fault at that age. Human nature dictates that we push against our bounderies. If those bounderies cease to exist then a child will get worse and worse until they know where the line is that they can't cross. It's common sense and anyone who considers themselves mature enough to bring a child into the world should know that. As far as I'm concerned, Georgia Davis is a victim of child abuse as her bounderies were removed to the point that it threatened her life. Luckily for Georgia she possesses enough character to try and change her ways and has booked herself into a "fat camp" in America to try and drop 100 kilograms, and I wish her the best of luck in that endeavour. However she's not the only child to go through such abuse by lazy or inconsiderate parents or guardians, and it's becoming more prolific.

More and more people are having children for the wrong reasons. More mothers, by their own admission, wish their daughters would grow up quicker so they can go clubbing together. More parents are planning a new birth to be a playmate for an older child. More parents use the television or computer as a babysitter instead of actually talking to their children. And all of those parents wonder how other people can let their children get away with so much – be it stealing, getting into fights, doing drugs, drinking or plain old overeating. Each of these parents would judge someone like Georgia harshly not once realising that it's parenting like theirs that creates such a bad mindset. Are you one of them?

But You're Not A Parent, What Do You Know?
What do I know? I know that a child isn't a toy to be discarded in front of an electronic box when you're tired. A child isn't looking for you as a new friend, they need you as a parent. A child appreciates discipline in the long run as long as it's fair. A child cannot be allowed to get away with something they wouldn't normally be allowed to just because they're having an emotional time. And a child will eventually become a parent of their own child, passing on what they learned from their parents, both the good and the bad.

I suppose parenting all comes down to one question – are you willing to do whatever it takes to raise a human being who is well adjusted enough to actually be worth something in this world to themselves and others? I know I am.


51 thoughts on “Fat

  1. Great post Mik. You don't need to be a parent to know. You know a great deal about parenting. OMG, I wish she would not go to that camp. I have heard of kids that have died going to one. 😦 Too bad she doesn't call that show "You are what you eat". Did you have that website address again that coverts stones to pounds?

  2. Bleargh! Too tired to spell. My words keep swimming between looking like they're spelt right and looking like a load of gobbledegook. 😦

  3. There's 14 pounds to a stone. You Are What You Eat is run by Gillian McKeith. Horrid woman. People listen to the shite she spouts about nutrician because she's a doctor. What they don't know is that she bought her honourary doctorate. 😡

  4. Unfortunately, there's also people who give in to their kids to shut them up, whether it's toys, food, whatever, so long as they can have 'five minutes of peace'. I see it every time I go grocery shopping: If Little Johnny has a tantrum, his mother buys him some junk food, or something so she can be spared the 'trauma' of looking after her kid and enforcing that discipline you were talking about. I was standing in line one day and this kid (about four or five) was tearing around the place, his mother completely disinterested. Said kid rounded the corner and ran into me. I just frowned as he tore off again. Then he rounded the corner and ran into my wife, at which point I muttered something in exasperation. Suddenly his mother whirls around and yells at me, "Aw, did he hurt you? What's wrong with you? He's just a kid!"(Well, he ran into my wife – and when he ran into me, the three slipped disks in my lower back weren't too happy about it, but there you go). :rolleyes:To which I just glared at her and said, "Don't get angry at me because you're a bad parent and can't control your kid!"She went outside and met up with her husband who looked over at me, but didn't come over and say anything (I was miffed enough at my wife being run into to let him have it, too. Oh, well).(I know, I could've handled that better … )Anyway, point is, in my opinion, kids need consistency with their discipline (he says, not having any kids of his own, of course), and the only consistency a lot of them get is their parents giving in to them for some 'peace and quiet', as if it's all far too hard.A lot of parents out there are probably going to have a go at you for this post (and me for these comments, I suppose). If they're consistent with their kids and good parents, great. If not, they'll be coming up with rationalizations as to why they're not, like, "But I'm too tired after work, all I want is five minutes to myself", or, "Little Johnny wasn't planned and I resent the fact I have no life now", etc, etc.(None of this comes from my own upbringing, of course – it's all just observation).Anyway, excellent post! Hopefully some parents who let their kids 'run wild' will read it and have a good, hard think. :up:

  5. Anyone would like to raise a kid that's worth something I think but they just don't know how to go about it..I don't believe I'm responsible enough or ready for a kid so that's why you don't see a little snot faced kid pulling at my pants.. :left:

  6. Great post! :up:Denmark has their share of overweight kids. We have "homes", like a school, where kids can apply for a stay if they have problems in school or at home, and these schools are full of obese kids. They have a training programme, so all the kids loose weight there, and they get friends there who accept them as they are, and usually they are much happier kids when they come home. Problem is, that they don't solve the problem.So shortly after the kids have come home, they weigh just as much and have the same problems in school they used to have.Don't just do something about the symptom. Also cure what's really wrong!

  7. Clean, totally agree. They made smoking in public places illegal because it bothers people and is hazardous to their health. Well so is bad parenting as far as I'm concerned. I'm of the ilk that's getting closer and closer to giving bad parents a public spanking then screaming that they should bloody try that once with their inbred brat of a kid. Strangely I use "Little Johnny" as the child that parents let run wild and make excuses for too. :sherlock:.So she weighs as much as the heaviest professional wrestlers then Carol. :yikes: I can't stand the woman. She merchandises her ways of helping people and, worst of all, she uses BMI as the way to figure out if someone is overweight or not. According to BMI I would have to be stick thin to be "healthy". It's a flawed scale made worse by her homebrew version which when applied to Kim's already stick thin little sister said she was obese. The woman also recommended diet pills in a letter's page at a magazine she works for (at £130 for a month's course of the pills) to a woman who was 12 stone (only 168 pounds) without getting any extra info about her build, height or lifestyle. She's the devil incarnate and propogates the idea that you're only healthy if you're skinny (not slim). I'd gladly see her tortured. :furious:

  8. Got a little sidetracked there. :rolleyes:.Clint, with that one statement you've proved yourself a damn sight more mature than the majority of parents out there as you've accepted you're not ready yet and haven't rushed ahead and had your cubs anyway.Tils, it sounds to me like parenting classes need to enforced on the parents if their child gets such problems. Just open your borders and I'll have them up and running in no time. Seriously though, a parents primary job is to provide a child with the tools to survive and thrive in life. Where someone like me knows that the darkest situations just make a single light shine brighter (my entire blog concept) these kids are being raised to turn to food whenever they get upset and that's just as unhealthy as any other form of self abuse (cutting or anorexia, for example). It's not only bad parenting, it's mental abuse that retards a child's ability to function in the world.

  9. Yeah, the UK's the same now. Kids running round causing trouble because their parents let them get away with it. A few years back I saw a woman find her five year old child had shoplifted a chocolate bar. She said "That's naughty. You can have something at home.", took the chocolate bar from the child and threw it through the shop door onto the floor. If that were me I'd have hauled the kid to the shop manager and "found out" if the police would have to be involved. A short sharp shock can set a kid right for life. Everyone takes my general temperament and thinks I mean a beating when I talk about discipline for kids, but it doesn't have to be that (and in fact wouldn't work on those with that disorder that causes them to feel no pain), so long as it lets a child know his or her limits.

  10. I don't know if you have it over there, but here we've (society, generally) mightily frowned upon smacking kids – especially in schools. For about the past twenty-odd years, it's been illegal for a teacher to lay a hand on a student. With parents, some people have made actual complaints to the police when they saw someone smacking their child. I'm not talking laying into them (which I don't agree with and would, of course, floor the person doing it if I came across such a thing), but smacking calibrated to the child.Of course, it's not a teacher's responsibility to smack the child, but they are an authority figure and do need to have the ability to mete out some measure of discipline when required. Moreover, of course, parents do, too.Now, I've noticed it's a lot of people (not all, of course, just the ones that get the media attention) that are in their early-to-mid twenties who are getting into all the trouble these days (listen to me, an old man at 36), and I believe it's because their parents either never bothered or were simply too intimidated to discipline them (I'm leaning towards the first one).Of course, to a degree I agree with the school ban, because some teachers took things too far (I had a teacher in primary school, for instance, make a bunch of us put our hands on the edge of the blackboard while he hovered a meter-rule high above them and counted down – we all moved our hands at the last second, but still, that kind of behaviour is kind of psychotic … ).But firmly believe that some of the ills of society today have been caused by this lack of discipline in the past. Little Johnny is a shit now, but only because his parents just spoke to him to say, "No, no, Little Johnny … mustn't do that", then repeated those words when he did it (whatever it was) again. And that's, of course, how Little Johnny brings up his kids (which, of course, you already mentioned).Meh. Getting off my point (if I ever had one). Anyway, excellent post. And I definitely like the idea of spanking the parents 😆 … some of them probably never were as children! 😉

  11. I just had another look at the picture of that poor girl and have come to the conclusion that someone in authority should have taken her away from her parents long before she got to that stage …

  12. A road to hell is made of good intentions… or something like this, I am not good in translating these stuff.Proved to be true, again.

  13. Yeah, let's send 'Little Johnny' to is room with is thirty inch tv, his Wii and his pc. I'm sure he doesn't like it in there. :whistle: .*sigh* All I can say is yup Mik, you're right. But as long as idiots make the rules, not too many people will listen to good old fashioned common sense.It's actually ironic how scarce common sense is these days. :eyes: .

  14. There are lots of fat people in Australia. The beaches aren't filled with tanned slim good looking people, instead fat ugly pale people :eww:Lots of schools have introducted healthy menus in canteens, but kids just take rubbish from home to eat. And then there are girls who eat rubbish and are stick thin but have cellulite city living on their legs and insist on displaying it *is sick*Back in my day, kids rode bikes in the street. The kids across the road never play outside anymore!

  15. You do know that fat doesn't equal ugly and thin doesn't equal good looking don't you? As for tanned, that only means ugly leathery skin to me. :yuck:.The point isn't that people are overweight as underweight is just as dangerous when taken to extremes, and a lot more prevalent. The point is that either of these things can happen due to a lack in parental values.

  16. Back to the topic of parenting – so many times has the "you're not a parent, so you wouldn't understand" been used at me. Even though these parents can't actually discipline their own kids, yet I can! It takes not a birth parent to properly discipline a child. It takes common sense to tell the little tyke that pulling the cat's tail is a horrid thing to do. Or to take care of their eating habits! They couldn't have just found this girl a productive hobby? Sheesh. You know, by the time I was sixteen, I had gotten troublesome kids to do as they were told with ease. Everyone was gobsmacked with these certain children because they'd listen to no-one, but they damn well listened to me! I don't understand how parents find disciplining young children so hard, it's a natural common sense thing! If Georgia Davis had half-decent parents, she'd probably be healthy. The sooner they enforce parenting tests before conception is allowed, the better.

  17. Well duh. There are plenty of stick thin emo kids. I know why their parents abandoned them! I saw the ugliest thing yesterday: a girl in the mall with blue undies sticking out from her jeans, which were pretty much around her knees 😐

  18. Just making sure. Your first comment seemed a bit Disney, ya know?Yeah those kids need a slap, followed by watching their parents get one for letting them out like that.

  19. Originally posted by Cois:

    I don't believe I'm responsible enough or ready for a kid so that's why you don't see a little snot faced kid pulling at my pants …

    :zip: 😉 Originally posted by anonymous:

    What do you think, guys?

    I think you'll be forestalling possible health problems later in life if you do! :up:

  20. Anonym writes:I cant believe a girl can be that fat, but Im so understanding. I know she lost a lot of pounds and I think thats so nice. So good that she did it. Im also in the troubles with my weight, but not that much. Only 10-20kg too much, but I want to do something about it – just like Georgia David did. What do you think, guys?

  21. Twenty kilogrammes is forty four pounds according to my conversion. The question I have is, are you absolutely sure that you're that much overweight? If you've used something like BMI to determine that then you really need other methods as that system in particular (which is used by most doctors by the way) is dangerously inaccurate. Amongst it's many problems is that it doesn't take muscle mass or build into the equation, marking someone my height and weight as morbidly obese (have a look at my photo and you'll see I'm not) because it can't use other factors. Your height, your build, even your lifestyle and where you live all count towards whether you're overweight, underweight or just right. These factors mean that there can't be a simple formula that tells someone if they're overweight or not.

  22. The best 'cure' for being 'overweight' is plenty of healthy exercise. A well planned and regular exercise routine will not only reduce excess body fat, but also tone your musculature and help keep your arteries clean. :up:.If you think you might be in danger with your health, have your cholesterol levels checked as that is good indicator of whether or not you need to make a lifestyle change.Correcting bad lifestyle habits is way more important than just changing what you eat. :left:.

  23. Why do parents just let them walk around in public with half their mucous membranes dangling out their noses or encrusted on their faces like some sort of fly-attracting war paint? And why should the general public have to be exposed to that sort of thing? Won't somebody please thing of the public?

  24. *holds coffee millimetres from lips while reading comment, then slowly returns it to the table, as a disgusted look starts at his lips and travels across his face*It's "think" not "thing". Learn the language man! :p

  25. Actually, 'anonymous' posted on the nineteenth of December 2009. So that wasn't a year ago, and I was responding to his/her query, as was Mik before me. :left:.Which is only vaguely connected to the original post anyway. :p.

  26. Sorry – a lot of my comments were in between other comments, naturally leading to confusion. Hopefully this clears it up a little: :)Originally posted by Cois:

    Cois # 11. August 2008, 18:01
    … I don't believe I'm responsible enough or ready for a kid so that's why you don't see a little snot faced kid pulling at my pants …

    Originally posted by clean:

    David Scott Aubrey # 20. December 2009, 00:20

    (In light of recent events). :lol:Originally posted by Cois:

    Cois # 20. December 2009, 17:47

    that was a year ago you git!

  27. Those comments were so badly writted, terribly spelled, and obviously part of someone's immature hate campaign that I just had to fix them. Bloody Canadian schoolkids eh?I've forwarded screenshots of their attempted hate campaign, the comment log for this post, the search engine they used (all the idiots come from Bing) and their IP address ( if anyone's wondering) to the relevant authorities with details to cross-reference against any other outgoing items from that address for further evidence.This is my yard, and you just don't fuck around in it.

  28. Child writes:I'm obviously using the first name of someone in my school and making a comment as if I were that person in an attempt to be funny. Unlike the brother and sister sexual intercourse that resulted in my birth I failed badly.

  29. Child writes:I'm still at it. As pathetic as my life is, I'd dedicate hours to ridiculing these people if I could. After all, it's the only way I can distract people from doing the same to me. Oh, what a shock I'll get when I finally grow up and realise that I've got no-one left apart from the kind of sad and pathetic people who still fall for this primary school crap.

  30. Child writes:Now I'm obviously using the name of an unpopular boy and pretending to ask out the person I pretended to be earlier. I haven't caught on to the fact that my prepubescent comments are being edited to show my motive, but I'll be sure to bring some of my equally childish friends here so we can all laugh at this boy and girl, all the time terrified that they'll find out my secret.

  31. Port Alberni, British Columbia; ISP, Shaw Communications, eh? Of course, if whomever it was posted something that may have broken the law (hate speech, threats, etc), the police there have the ability to get Shaw Communications to surrender the name, address, etc of the person involved. The evidence Mik forwarded may well instigate such a thing!Just sayin', y'know, in case they come back … :whistle: :devil:I have no idea what the comments first were, but they're bloody funny now! 😆

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