Who says religion is stupid? Just because you believe in something you've got no proof exists and perform arcane rituals to heighten your belief doesn't mean something is stupid, honest. Religion even works for some people. Take the guy from Florida who prayed over and over to win the lottery. Little did he suspect that God, in his infinite wisdom, would find him the most deserving fellow in the state and award him with the six million dollar jackpot. How wonderful that must have felt.

In accordance with his religion's profiteering, oops sorry, my finger slipped. In accordance with his religious beliefs he decided to donate ten per cent to the church, partly as a thank you to God for getting him out of debt after spending his savings on a load of lottery tickets and partly as his tithe. Amazing isn't it. I don't think I've ever believed in anything enough to donate six hundred thousand dollars to it. Think how many people the church could help with that money.

Correction. Think how many people the church could have helped with that money if they hadn't turned it down. You see, this pastor isn't a fan of gambling and didn't want anything to do with the money. Yeah, cause it's obviously not gambling to believe in something and revolve your entire life around that belief with no proof of it's existance. Who says religion is stupid?


11 thoughts on “Tithe

  1. You do realise that is tithe debt is now technically cleared. In terms of civil law, if an offer of payment is refused, that debt is rendered null and void. Thus he has, in terms of law, paid his debt merely by offering to pay it. :yes:

  2. no matter what a person in authority says, (imo) to refuse a generous offer as this person did is a slap in the face. i think there might be a rule that the person in authority will go to hell and burn! (just kidding) 😉 . . . . the person who won and wants to give will find another means to make other people (our planet) :happy: a better place to be/have because this winner wants to share! i think that is the most important aspect of being a believer! i believe if i won more than a billion, i'd be able to share some of it . . . i'm just greedy that way .. . :p

  3. The best one was the japanese lottery winner who got the jackpot and anonymously donated the ticket to charity with a note explaining he doesn't need it.

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