I’ve Seen A Million Pixels And I’ve Rocked Them All

I have a problem and it’s a big one. You see, there are a million stupid people in the world every day and I haven’t got the time to write about all of them so I have to limit myself to the really stupid. Take Blake Peebles, a 16 year old in Raleigh. As a straight A student he’s certainly not the stupid person I’m writing about. No, that honour goes to his parents who decided to let him drop out of school so he can focus more on playing Guitar Hero.

“I wanna rock n roll all night and party every day.
I wanna rock n roll all night and party every day.”

Yep, you heard me. His parents have let him leave school so he can concentrate more on playing a video game. Apparently he’s quite good at it. So good that he’s won a total of $1,000 in vouchers since he left school in September last year. Very profitable eh? Yeah, not so good after all if that’s the net results of almost a year.

At least they haven’t cut his education entirely. Blake gets home tutored now and is apparently maintaining A grades. But the fact remains that his parents gave in to him because (to quote his mother, Hunter) “we couldn’t take him complaining about it being a waste of time anymore.” For God’s sake, you just don’t do that with kids or they’ll walk all over you. Hell, it’s not like he’s a wizard on a real guitar (the image in this post being the only time he’s touched a real guitar) and could become a world famous rock star. This is just a video game, and given the lifespan of games the series should be finished within ten years. Then what’s he going to do? No more competitions to win stuff. He’ll just be a mid twenties guy still living with his parents (can’t afford your own place on free meal vouchers) with no job (would you hire a high school drop out who can wind his parents round his little finger) and no hope.

Have the parents prepared him for that?


25 thoughts on “I’ve Seen A Million Pixels And I’ve Rocked Them All

  1. Wow.. :eyes: just think of the advances he'll make as a career.. The fame he'll get when the world hails him as the best Guitar Hero of all time.. I can just see how he rocks the charts.. πŸ™„ his parents must be delusional..

  2. So he has earned an average of about $20 a week? That was worth dropping out of school for. :rolleyes:As has already been highlighted, these are only vouchers though and thus do not really count as income.What really got me was this part:

    Blake gets home tutored now and is apparently maintaining A grades.

    I hope he isn't being taught and assessed by the same parents that let him drop out of school.If they think that quitting school to play a game, and be "paid" the equivalent of working about three hours a week at the minimum wage, is the right decision then there really is no hope for any of them.

  3. At least he's being schooled, sure. But THEY. TOOK. HIM. OUT. OF. SCHOOL. FOR. A. FUCKING. VIDEOGAME!! MORONIC FUCKTARDS!!!

  4. What she said. The parents are actually getting tutors in for the kid. Problem is that his schooling is being fit around his hobby, not the other way round.

  5. Well, he's still pretty dumb.You're not dead, Clue. But any minute you'll start to understand this kid's feckless parents.

  6. Hmmm, forgot about this. It seems that the Guitar Hero series is dead as of a month or so ago after the publisher shut them down due to low sales. I wonder if this little shit will be going back to school now?

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