What Price Innocence?

I've been around a bit, seen a few things that have hardened my outlook. As a result, normally nothing much phases me. But occasionally there will come to light a story so vile that even I'm at a loss. Take Jennifer Richards (25) and her boyfriend Sean Block (40) who tried to get a new apartment, a used car and the cost of some child care for Richard's ten month old daughter. The price they were offering? Sex with Richard's five year old daughter! Luckily the person they approached was an FBI informant and they were stopped.

"Nice piece 5yrs old belongs to my gf and she wants to sell it"
Text message sent from Block's phone to the informant

Rex Miller, the FBI's lead agent on the case testified that Richards believed that "these sexual interactions would be a positive experience for her daughter and that she (Richards herself) would receive some sexual gratification from watching them." Miller went on to explain that reviewing taped conversations, affadavits and the computers used by the couple lead the authorities to the conclusion that the couple had further plans to sell the sexual services of the ten month old girl when she was older, blackmail the person that bought the five year old and finally, to kidnap, rape and "carve up" a teenage runaway to fulfill a sexual fantasy.

Block's estranged wife filed for a protective order in the name of their fourteen year old daughter early last week, and filed for divorce last Friday.
The two children have been taken into care. So far neither appears to have been abused.
Block has been denied bail and Richards' hearing has been delayed until today.

Please join with me in wishing these scumbags burn in hell.


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